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How do you separate email accounts on iPhone?

You can have separate badge settings for your various iPhone email accounts. Tap Settings, Notifications, then select Mail. You should now see each of your email accounts listed separately.

Additionally, How do I add email accounts?

Add a New Email Account

  1. Open the Gmail app and navigate to the Settings section.
  2. Tap Add account.
  3. Tap Personal (IMAP/POP) and then Next.
  4. Enter your full email address and tap Next.
  5. Choose the type of email account you will be using. …
  6. Enter the password for your email address and tap Next.

Also, How do I make a new email folder on my iPhone?

How to Make a Folder on the iPhone Email App

  1. Open the Mail app on your iPhone.
  2. From your inbox, tap the icon (<) in the upper-left corner to see your Mailboxes list.
  3. Tap Edit at the top of the screen.
  4. Select New Mailbox in the lower-right corner.
  5. Type the desired name for the new folder in the field provided.

How do I move mailboxes on my iPhone? You can reorder your mailboxes so that the ones you use most often appear at the top of the Mailboxes list.

  1. Tap Mailboxes in the upper-left corner.
  2. Tap Edit at the top of the list.
  3. Touch and hold. next to a mailbox until it lifts up, then drag it to the position you want.

Furthermore How do I add another account?

Add one or multiple Google Accounts

  1. If you haven’t already, set up a Google account.
  2. Open your device’s Settings app.
  3. Tap Accounts Add account. Google.
  4. Follow the instructions to add your account.
  5. If needed, repeat steps to add multiple accounts.


How do I create multiple email accounts?

Add a plus “+” sign after the username in your email address. Just after typing the first part of your email address, type a plus “+” sign before you start writing the “” portion of the address. For example, if your Gmail address is “” you would put the plus sign after “john.

How do I add a new email account to Outlook?

Add a new account quickly

  1. Select Outlook > Preferences > Account.
  2. Click the plus (+) sign > New Account.
  3. Type your email address > Continue.
  4. Type your password > Add Account.

Can you create smart mailbox on iPhone?

To add a custom smart folder, tap New Mailbox at the bottom of the screen, give it a name, and assign a parent location if you have more than one email account. As you receive emails in your inboxes on your iOS device, select an email and tap Move to move it to the custom folder manually.

How do you create a new folder?

Create a folder

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Drive app.
  2. At the bottom right, tap Add .
  3. Tap Folder.
  4. Name the folder.
  5. Tap Create.

Why can’t I see my email folders on my iPhone?

Go to Settings > Mail > Accounts > Select your e-mail address > Account > Advanced. At the bottom of this screen, you should see ‘IMAP Path Prefix’. Leave this blank or, try entering ‘INBOX’ Save the changes, and then navigate back through the Email Account settings pages saving as required.

How do I see all of my mailboxes on my iPhone?

Launch the Mail app from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad. Choose your mail account under Mailboxes. Tap an inbox (or tap All Inboxes).

How do I enable family link Add Accounts?

Step 1: Allow additional users

  1. Open the Family Link app .
  2. Select your child.
  3. On the card with your child’s device, tap View settings.
  4. Turn “Add/Remove user” on.

Can you have two Gmail addresses on the same account?

You are allowed to have as many accounts as you want, and Gmail make it easy to simultaneously sign in to multiple accounts. If you have more than one Google Account, you can sign in to multiple accounts at once. That way, you can switch between accounts without signing out and back in again.

Can I have a second email address?

Create a second email address. … If you don’t want to use your work email for your friends, or you would like to have an email address dedicated only to a project or a website you belong to, it is easy to create a second email address. In fact, you can create as many email addresses as you would like.

How many email accounts can you have?

Email accounts are easy to set up and there’s no limit to how many you can have. Rather than slowing down communication and processes, having more than one email address can actually speed them up.

Is it good to have multiple email accounts?

Rather than using just one email address for all purposes, consumer protection experts say you’re better off with several email addresses and using each one for a specific purpose. … If you do have multiple accounts, you can take advantage of the various inbox folders that most email clients and web-mailers provide.

How do I add multiple email accounts to Outlook?

From the File tab, select + Add Account or Account Settings -> Account Settings. Enter your information in the Add Account dialog box: full name, complete email address, and password you use for that account. Click Next. Your account will automatically be configured.

What is a smart mailbox in iOS?

You can create Smart Mailboxes that automatically organize email messages into a single mailbox, based on criteria you specify. For example, a Smart Mailbox could display all the emails you receive about a specific project, regardless of which mailboxes they’re stored in.

What is the difference between smart mailbox and mailbox?

Smart Mailboxes work the same way: You enter search criteria, and it constantly updates the results in one mailbox. It doesn’t move the emails away from other mailboxes, it just shows the results of your criteria.

How do I open a new folder on my iPhone?

View files and folders in Files on iPhone

  1. Tap Browse at the bottom of the screen, then tap an item on the Browse screen. If you don’t see the Browse screen, tap Browse again.
  2. To open a file, location, or folder, tap it.

What is the shortcut for creating a new folder?

The fastest way to create a new folder in Windows is with the CTRL+Shift+N shortcut.

How do I open an app folder on my iPhone?

To find it, simply swipe all the way to the very last, rightmost page of your iPhone’s home screen. Once there, you’ll see all of your apps organized into several folders.

How do I add another mailbox to my iPhone?

How to use mailboxes

  1. In the Mailboxes list, tap Edit in the upper-right corner, then tap New Mailbox.
  2. Give your mailbox a name. If you have more than one email account set up on your device, tap Mailbox Location and choose the account where you want to create a mailbox.
  3. Tap Save, then tap Done.

How do I see all Mail folders on iPhone?

How to Get Folders to Show Up on iPhone Mail?

  1. Tap the “Mail” icon on the iPhone to launch the email application.
  2. Scroll down the “Mailboxes” screen until you see the “Accounts” section. …
  3. Tap the name of the account that has subfolders you need to check.
  4. Tap on the folder you want to view in the email account screen.

How do I see all inboxes on my iPhone?

Launch the Mail app from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad. Choose your mail account under Mailboxes. Tap an inbox (or tap All Inboxes).

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