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A 73 inch or 76 inch foldable iPhone with Apple Pencil support

A 7.3-inch or 7.6-inch foldable iPhone with Apple Pencil support may appear in 2023, according to new data

iPhone in Canada has been the first medium to notice the data provided by the analyst company EqualOcean, reflecting a study by the Omdia organization that predicts the arrival of a foldable iPhone by 2023.

This device would have a 7.3 or even 7.6 inch OLED display, and it would be able to support the Apple Pencil. It is the first time that we have (possible) data on the specific size of the screen of a folding iPhone, although the source does not have any history of data leaks on the future of Apple.

Playing with the border between a mobile and a tablet

There are clues for and against in the very present of the Apple product range and in its history. Steve Jobs made it clear that the iPhone was never going to have a stylus in its original model presentation, but the iPad mini and its 7.9-inch screen support it. Perhaps an iPhone whose screen is almost the same size as that of that iPad mini could have arguments to embrace the pencil.

Samsung, its new Galaxy Z Fold 2 and the perhaps hasty declaration of the end of flat phones

If we look at other rumors, we see that Mark Gurman predicts that iPhone in 2022, a year earlier. Asian media also indicate that two prototypes of a folding iPhone have already passed Apple’s internal durability tests, with hypothetical orders for folding screens already on the record. It’s still too early to get serious about this data, but this may be a sign: the foldable iPhone is getting more serious.

Image | Daniel Romero on Unsplash

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