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a Belkin protector is leaked that confirms the model

A few hours ago, some information came up claiming that the Launch of the iPhone SE 2020 was imminent. As soon as today. Well, if anyone had doubts about the existence of this model and its name, they have one more reason to stop doubting. All thanks to an oversight on the Apple of America website.

A screen protector for a 4.7-inch iPhone SE

belkin protective catch

As the screenshot above shows, Apple has a Belkin screen saver on its US website. You can take a look at it here, since at the time of writing the company has not corrected it. What is striking is that it is a 4.7-inch terminal protector and the name specifies “iPhone SE/8/7”.

In the dropdown to choose the size, however, this model does not appear. The previous iPhone SE had a 4-inch screen. iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 have a 4.7-inchSo associating the iPhone SE with these models necessarily means that they share the same size. Curious detail: the models seem to be ordered from more to less recent.

In the section of the product sheet that mentions compatibility, the iPhone SE is not mentioned. It is possible that is a mistake. But the company has missed similar details on other occasions. For example, the mention of AirTags in a support document just yesterday.

Some technology fans **consider it hasty to launch a new model of iPhone** under the current circumstances. Despite this, other companies are still in business as usual introducing new models. If the information is true, we should be out of the woods in a few hours.

Via | MacRumors.

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