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A Touch ID sensor may appear under the screen of

A Touch ID sensor may appear under the screen of the iPhone 13, according to the Wall Street Journal

Joanna Stern, of the Wall Street Journal, has been able to gather interesting data in a new article published in that medium. According to a former Apple employee who has remained anonymous, Apple has been testing a Touch ID sensor that can be housed under the screen of an iPhone. And we may see it in next-gen models launching next fall.

MacRumors reflects that this sensor would go from being capacitive (like the Touch ID sensors present in the iPhone SE and iPad Air) to be optical. In other words, a light source is needed to create a reliable image of our fingerprint to identify ourselves.

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Mobile Fingerprint Reader

Apparently this way of detecting fingerprints, present in many models of Android terminals, is less secure than the capacitive sensors of Touch ID. But the source claims that Apple would have found a safer way to use those sensors, achieving a level of protection and data encryption comparable to the rest of the company’s protocols.

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In addition, that Touch ID sensor under the screen would share functions with Face ID: the iPhone 13 would have sensors for both authentication methods and the user could choose between one of them. In these times, Face ID can be perfect to be at home while Touch ID can take the reins when we are on the street and wear the mask. Perhaps even Apple applies new authentication systems combining Face ID and Touch ID, although that is something that is not supported by any rumors at the moment.

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