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1611779856 Apple doubles sales in India in Q4 2020 after change

Apple doubles sales in India in Q4 2020 after change of strategy

Apple has doubled its iPhone sales in Q4 2020 in India. The company has sold 1.5 million devices in the country, which represents a 100% growth compared to the same period of the previous year. They are figures calculated by Counterpoint and CyberMedia, collected in TechCrunch just hours before tonight’s shareholders conference.

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India as a growth vector for Apple

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India is a tough nut to crack for Apple. For years he has been planning a strategy to successfully enter the country, where it has a testimonial presence. Now and thanks to these changes, it finally seems to be paying off. According to the analyst firms, these are the most outstanding data in the Asian country:

  • 1.5 million iPhones sold in Q4 2020, growing 100% year-over-year.
  • Market share doubling in the quarter to 4%.
  • 3.2 million iPhones sold in India in 2020, 60% more than in 2019.

It should be remembered that these figures are estimates and do not have the official endorsement of the company. Both analytics firms use a methodology that may not fully analyze the market. Although Apple no longer discloses the figures for units sold for years, we could expect some kind of comment about the Asian country.

Apple has been positioning itself in this market for some time, hoping to capture a key part of it.

A market with enormous growth

Taj Mahal

All eyes are on this market, which has seen spectacular growth in recent years. With most of the world in a mature state in the smartphone market and much more modest growth (and even declines), India represents hope for many manufacturers. According to Canalys, the country reached 50 million units sold for the first time in Q3 2020. Of course, during the previous quarter sales collapsed 50% due to coronavirus. Removing this exception, growth has hovered between 10% and 30%.

Canalys chart

Capturing a piece of this market, which is going in the direction of being one of 150 million units a year (China is about twice as large), is a very succulent target for manufacturers. Apple has been working on bringing its iPhones to the country for several years. A difficult task, given that electronics goods imported into India are subject to tariffs.

In order to avoid them, companies need to meet certain requirements, such as the manufacture of the devices in facilities in the country. Apple asked Foxconn to begin manufacturing the iPhone 11 in the country last summer, following the success of the iPhone XR there. But other partners in the company started manufacturing older models earlier.

Foxconn is expected to add iPhone 12 to manufacturing lines in India this year

Specifically, Wistron has been in charge of assembling the original iPhone SE, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. The 2020 iPhone SE is also manufactured there. This, together with greater financing facilities or packs that include AirPods with the iPhone 11, have facilitated sales in the country after the tariffs disappear.

Wi-Fi 6E will hit the iPhone 13 while the second generation AirPods Pro will launch before summer, according to new rumors

Apple opened its online store in India at the end of 2020. And it is expected to open its first physical store this year. There is still a lot of work ahead, but the results seem to be beginning to emerge.

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