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1607439248 Apple launches a replacement program for the iPhone 11 with

Apple launches a replacement program for the iPhone 11 with errors in response to screen touches

Apple has announced the opening of a new replacement program for the iPhone 11. This program is aimed at those devices that at some point stop responding to the touches we give on their screen.

A replacement program for an iPhone that is still under warranty

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According to the company, a small percentage of the iPhone 11 manufactured between November 2019 and May 2020 are affected by the situation. Specifically, they have a small flaw in the display module that needs to be changed for the iPhone to work properly. That is why Apple has opened a free replacement program that we can avail ourselves of if the situation applies to us.

Please note that this program only applies to iPhone 11, since the rest of the iPhone 11 family, the Pro and the Pro Max, have another type of screen and other technology. Apple explains it on this support web page.

If we have one of these devices we must, first of all, Check through the serial number of our iPhone that it is eligible for the program. Remember that we can find the serial number in the app Settings > general > information. If we do not have the iPhone at hand, we can find the serial number on the original box, the order or the invoice.

Once we have determined that the iPhone enters the program we have three options: contact an Apple Authorized Service Provider, make an appointment at an Apple Store or contact Apple Care for a repair via messenger.

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As on other occasions, let us bear in mind that if the iPhone in question has a fault or condition that prevents the replacement of the screen, we will have to take care of it first. Recall that this is one of several active replacement programs, the most recent for the AirPods Pro.

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