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Apple officially says goodbye to 3D Touch on its smartphones

One of the important details revealed at the launch of the second-generation iPhone SE was the official disappearance of the 3D Touch from the iPhone, as this new device is compatible with Haptic Touch (or haptic responses).

Apple first eliminated the 3D Touch with the launch of the iPhone XR in 2018. At that time it replaced that feature with Haptic Touch, and then, the feature was implemented across the entire 2019 iPhone line. Now with the launch of the iPhone SE (2020), 3D Touch disappears completely from the company’s smartphones.

Haptic Touch offers almost the same functionality of 3D Touch, but it is not pressure sensitive, so it does not offer multiple functions for each keystroke. The new display of the iPhone SE (2020) has chosen to use a combination of the touch sensor and the haptic engine. This way, when we press the screen with a little more pressure, the device detects that we are taking up more surface area with our finger, and understands that we are applying more force.

After that, if for that area of the screen in the interface we are in there is a secondary action, the device will automatically activate it, responding with a short and fast vibration produced by the haptic motor, just like on the iPhone with 3D Touch.

A new technology for those coming from old smartphones

Iphone Se

For those who are starting to use an iPhone SE (2020) and are coming from an older phone with 3D Touch, the transition to Haptic Touch will feel a little strange at firstIt’s slower than 3D Touch gestures, but since it works in a very similar way, most users should get used to it soon.

The removal of 3D Touch from the entire iPhone lineup allows Apple to provide a similar interface for all iPhone and iPad models, so that when you switch devices, you can use the same interface, the user experience does not change significantly.

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