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Apple releases beta developer API
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Apple releases beta developer API

Apple and Google have been quick to work: they have sent ahead what they call “the first seeds” of your COVID-19 notification and exposure API. All developers working on official coronavirus exposure tracking applications will be able to take advantage of this resource.

With this beta, Apple and Google hope to get feedback of the developers in order to consolidate the development and stability of the API before its stable and final version will be launched in mid-May. And we won’t have to wait until then to find out more details: both companies have promised more news this very Friday.

The iOS interface, ready to notify our exposure

This API beta works side by side with the new iOS beta, which corresponds to the version 13.5 of the system. Here we can already find the option to report our exposure in a native system setting:

Apple Coronavirus

The system also includes the ability to skip FaceID and enter the unlock code for when wearing a mask:

All documentation for this new API can be found on Apple’s official website. If administrations use it, it could be a great tool to help with the de-escalation process and get back to a situation as close to normal as possible in the coming weeks.

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