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1591122397 Apple starts selling refurbished iPhone XRs in its online store
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Apple starts selling refurbished iPhone XRs in its online store

Apple has begun selling iPhone XR in some colors and capacities in its refurbished store. These iPhones enjoy a discount of between 120 and 150 euros compared to the usual selling price and have the same Apple warranty.

Refurbished: if you find the model you want you find a bargain


The reconditioned product section of the Apple Store is really little known. It offers models that after being returned by the original buyer or needing a repair are put back on sale at a discounted price. On the iPhone, Apple replaces the battery with a new one, changes the entire external chassis and, of course, repairs the internal components if necessary, which are the only components that are reconditioned.

Currently in the store we find several iPhone XR in black or white and 64, 128, or 256GB capacity. Unlike the main store, Apple offers specific product configurations in the refurbished store. If you want a 64GB white iPhone XR, you’re in luck: you can buy one for 589 euros (500 without VAT).

Apple iPhone XR 64 GB Black (Refurbished)

Apple iPhone XR 64 GB Black (Refurbished)

As shown by Apple in this store, where we can also find other products from the company, all devices are inspect, test, clean and repackage in a new white box with all the manuals and accessories. For practical purposes, apart from the difference between the “official” box and the white box in which they are delivered, it is impossible to distinguish a reconditioned product from a completely new one.

Looking a little further into the bargains field we can find other alternatives like TuImeiLibre, where we find an iPhone XR also for 589 euros. Here already comes into play the predilection of each, whether to choose a refurbished iPhone that comes from Apple itself or a new one from an external store.

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