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1606833593 Apple takes steps to implement periscope cameras in future iPhones

Apple takes steps to implement “periscope cameras” in future iPhones

ETNews reports new steps in Apple to improve the cameras of future iPhones: according to the media, the company would have decided to go ahead with a new “dubbed” format for cameras in which the lenses would be distributed horizontally instead of vertically. Several sources call these types of cameras “periscopes”, since they double the image they receive in the same way that submarines do.

It is not the first time that we hear about this concept, but now Apple is already looking for suppliers to do the first tests. The main advantage of this type of camera is that would allow to increase the optical zoom of the iPhone to various scales, gaining ground to the competition.

Samsung may be the supplier of “periscope cameras”

Iphone 12 Pro Camera 2

Another advantage of these lenses is that, being placed vertically, might stop interfering with the thickness of the iPhone and stop “bulking” in the terminal. In return, these would occupy a little more space inside, but we already know that Apple would seek to make room with gestures such as eliminating the charging port.

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At the moment Samsung appears to be the main candidate to become the supplier of these “periscope cameras”, since in 2019 the company acquired the patents of the main manufacturer of Corephotonics technology. We will see the result of this in the iPhone in a few years, since we are talking about a very early phase of testing. The 2021 iPhones should already be in prototype form in the secret laboratories of Apple Park.

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