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Apple updates its recommendations to do so

With the coronavirus making headlines every day, recommendations for maintaining good hygiene are the order of the day. We should wash our hands less, sneeze on our forearms and avoid surfaces that everyone touches with their hands such as public banisters (and no, putting on a mask is not necessary if you feel well). And of course, we have a problem: our devices can be a transmitter of the virus.

With this in mind, Apple has updated its official support documents relaxing your recommendations on cleaning your devices with disinfectant substances. Whereas before he only recommended cleaning the screens of his products with slightly damp cloths that do not leave any residue, now things have changed.

70% alcohol, and always on the external surfaces

iPhone SE

The company has placed a special notice on its website, telling us that we can use cleaning cloths containing 70% isopropyl alcohol. It also specifically recommends Clorox brand disinfectant wipes, but always for the non-porous surfaces of the terminal .such as the screen, keyboard and other external surfaces“. No use on textile accessories or other materials.

One thing to avoid, follow the warning, is the use of acetone or bleach. And of course, Under no circumstances should the device be immersed in solvents or cleaners even if they’re diluted with water. These are substances that would eventually damage the terminal. In addition, Apple Insider adds an extra saying that we should not get into the habit of regularly cleaning the iPhone and iPad with the cloths now recommended by Apple, as in the long term they end up removing the oleophobic layer from the screen and causing irreparable damage. It’s best to use those alcohol wipes in case other people who are not feeling well have tampered with our device.

The notice is currently only reflected on the US website, while the English version of the support document remains as usual. Apple may update it during the next hours or days.

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