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Apple Watch users will be able to unlock the iPhone

Apple Watch users will be able to unlock the iPhone with a mask and without Face ID in iOS 14.5

The developers are rummaging through the source code of the new iOS 14.5 beta, launched a few minutes ago, and have discovered something that will make life a little more comfortable for all of us: we can skip Face ID when unlocking our phone when we wear a mask.

How? Well, using an Apple Watch. If we are on the street wearing a mask and we want to unlock the iPhone, it will search if we have the Apple smart watch. And if it is unlocked, the iPhone will also be unlocked. Goodbye to constantly putting the unlock code whenever we leave home.

Using the iPhone with a mask will be more comfortable

Many have been those who, since the beginning of the pandemic, regretted having to manually re-enter the unlock code of their iPhone with Face ID while those of you who use a model with Touch ID such as the iPhone SE do not have that problem. Perhaps that is why rumors speak of an upcoming iPhone that combines Face ID with Touch ID, making it easier for us.

The Face ID sensors are not able to adequately detect our face when we have our mouths covered, although there are some tricks that provide solutions. Therefore Apple has decided to resort to Another security-locked device that acts as an “authenticator”: Apple Watch.

The bad news about this is that naturally you will need to have an Apple Watch with watchOS 7.4 to be able to enjoy this novelty. If this is not the case, you will have to continue entering the unlock code on the iPhone when you have the mask on.

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