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Home » Caviar merges iPhone 11 Pro and Tesla Cybertruck design to create the ‘Cyberphone

Caviar merges iPhone 11 Pro and Tesla Cybertruck design to create the ‘Cyberphone

Caviar is a Russian brand that markets luxury productsThe Solarius Zenith Full Gold model is available in a range of sizes, as well as modifications of electronic devices such as the iPhone and accessories, such as this $6,000 case for the iPhone XS, or the iPhone 11 Pro model Solarius Zenith Full Gold with 24-carat gold, 137 diamonds and a fully functional mechanical watch for over $100,000.

The guys at Caviar are back in business and have created a new modified version of the iPhone 11 Pro. This time it doesn’t have “luxury” elements such as gold or diamonds, but it is striking for having a design inspired by Tesla’s Cybertruck vehicle: that’s the way the Cyberphone is.

The “future” cell phone?

Tesla has once again captured all the attention with the Cybertruck, a four-door, six-seater vehicle that was presented in November 2019. Designed by Franz von Holzhausen, Cybertruck features a monocoque construction called the “exoskeleton”, similar to that of traditional passenger cars, coated with 30x ultra-strong cold-rolled stainless steel and bulletproof glass composed of polymer layers that can absorb and redirect the force of impact to improve performance and damage tolerance.

Caviar has been inspired by the right angles of the Cybertruck and has dressed the iPhone 11 Pro in a “skin” reminiscent of Tesla’s vehicle, thus creating the Cyberphone. As you can read on the website, “you can trace the deliberate geometry of the lines, the simplicity of the shapes and the versatility of the materials.”

Caviar Cyberphone Iphone 11 Pro

The titanium body of the smartphone is protected on all sides from any external impact: the back, sides and even the screen are hidden under metal plates. At that time, the full body protection does not interfere, but enhances the functionality of the smartphone: now, if you want to use your favourite applications in comfort or make video calls, the foldable titanium screen protection is transformed into a comfortable stand.

To know the exact price of the device you must contact the brandThe Internet is not cheap, but knowing that the products it sells are not cheap, it is more than likely that the Cyberphone will cost a few thousand dollars. 99 units are planned to be manufactured.

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