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Five Amazon workers arrested in Madrid for stealing more than 500,000 euros in iPhones and other mobiles

Amazon’s logistic centre in San Fernando de Henares, which supplies the Madrid area, has been the protagonist of a curious story. Five of its workers have been arrested for stealing the equivalent of 500,000 euros in the form of iPhone units and other high-end phones. They were discovered red-handed after Amazon’s security department launched an investigation.

Police are still investigating the details of what may be a properly organized plot to remove units from smartphones without Amazon being aware of it: the authors even tore off the labels with the IMEI numbers of the cell phones so they wouldn’t be traced. Amazon didn’t want to say anything about it, allowing the police to continue with their work.

Packages that did not correspond to reality

Iphone 12 Box

In fact, the company was able to discover how the workers were stealing the goods by placing additional hidden security cameras at their workstations. Suspicions began previously when packages were detected whose recorded weight did not correspond to the real one and the items were different. Someone was buying something cheap on Amazon, but instead of what they initially ordered they were getting a high-end iPhone.

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So far the police have arrested five workers, just as they were picking up several phones; and are still tying up loose ends to find a likely network of buyers who were pals with those workers (some of them even have voluntarily given themselves up to the police seeing the whole plot crumble with the arrests). Amazon has already fired them, and now they will have to face the sentences that a court may apply.

Who knows: if you live in Madrid or the surrounding area and an order for an iPhone 12 that you have recently placed has been delayed, it may have been because of this.

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