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How to download music to your iPhone to listen to it whenever you want

It is one of the questions we hear the most from users who have just landed on the iPhone: How can I download music from my iPhone? For a long time now, the paradigm of maintaining a library on the computer and synchronizing it through iTunes to the iPhone has remained old. For all the users who are starting, here is a simple explanation.

The first thing we are going to clarify is that we are going to see how to download music legally on iPhone, without using applications or services that do it for free but in an unofficial way. These applications can hide malicious code in the form of deceptive advertising, so cheap can turn out to be expensive.

Downloading music to your iPhone: a matter of choosing a service

The most direct and simple way to download songs from your iPhone is through a music streaming service such as Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal or Amazon Music Unlimited. Some of these services have free trial modalities or periods, but a paid subscription is required to download music. With it we can access the music catalog of these services, which for example with Apple Music reaches more than 75 million songs.

We are going to show how you can download songs from your iPhone from the two most used services: Spotify and Apple Music. In Spotify you can access any album or playlist that you find by browsing the content, and you will find the download button in the shape of a circle with a down arrow:

Spotify Download Music Iphone

You can legally download the songs from a Wi-Fi network or from the 4G or 5G mobile network without problems. Discharge will take up local storage space on your iPhone, in addition to your automatic backup that you do with a Mac or through iCloud; but in return you can listen to the songs even offline when you are traveling. If you want to delete the downloads, just press the same button again.

In Apple Music you can also find the download button at the top of the interface:

Apple Music Download Music Iphone

You can delete the download by clicking on the same button again, or through the button with the ellipsis next to it along with other options. In other services such as Tidal, Amazon Music Unlimited or Deezer, the system is very similar.

The subscription fee to these music services it is usually 9.99 euros per monthAlthough there are usually offers such as 4.99 euros a month for Apple Music for students or family promotions with which you can save money by bringing together several people. In the case of Apple Music, we can also opt for an Apple One plan of 14.95 euros per month with which to also enjoy other services such as Apple Arcade and Apple TV +.

Other options to download your music on the iPhone

Cloudmusic player iphone music

As an alternative we can mention free third-party solutions such as AppCloud Music (we analyzed it a few years ago), which can play the audio files that you have digitized from your CDs and stored in a cloud such as OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox. It’s like a classic iTunes library, but stored online and accessible from the iPhone instead of being stored locally.

This requires the previous step of uploading the files that you have digitized to those storage services, and of course it depends on the storage you have available in them. On PC it is still possible with iTunes, although we are awaiting a renewal of this application in the Microsoft operating system.

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As a last solution, although you would already have to depend on a Mac, you can legally synchronize the music library you have on it to an iPhone by connecting the phone to the computer using a cable. That can be useful when what you want is digitize music you have on physical media (CDs), something that for now is still possible with the Music application in macOS Big Sur.

On PC it is still possible with iTunes, although we are awaiting a renewal of this application in Microsoft’s operating system since Apple stopped using iTunes properly several years ago.

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