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1619754856 how to make it alert you if you stray too

how to make it alert you if you stray too far when hanging out with your kids

Sometimes when we want to do sports like running or hiking in an area we don’t know much about, we want to control the distance at which we are leaving our point of origin. It is also something that can be useful in concert festivals or large theme parks where getting lost is easy.

For those cases, we can set a reminder to notify us automatically in case we are straying too far from that point of origin. Let’s see how we can do it.

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Let the iPhone warn you of the distance

On your iPhone, open the Reminders application, go to the Today section and click on ‘New reminder’ at the bottom of the screen. Give that reminder whatever name you want:

Warn Distance Reminders Iphone 1

Warn Distance Reminders Iphone 2

Warn Distance Reminders Iphone 3

Click on the information icon (the “i” with a round one) that you have just to the right of the name of the reminder when you click on its name. There, activate the option ‘Notify me in a place’ and then enter the ‘Location’ section:

Warn Distance Reminders Iphone 4

Warn Distance Reminders Iphone 5

Now is the time to select the location of your point of origin. You can click directly on ‘Current location’, but in case there is a lot of margin for error due to the GPS you can always manually enter the location.

You will see that in the lower area of ​​the map a map will appear indicating the location you have placed, with the option of dragging a circle whose radius will be a certain distance. You will see that this distance will appear in blue letters when you modify that circle, so place it just 1 kilometer from the point of origin.

Warn Distance Reminders Iphone 6

Important: when you have the circle ready, click on the option ‘On Exit’ so that the circle is reversed. Now everything that is outside that radius of action of 1000 meters from your house will be marked in blue:

Warn Distance Reminders Iphone 7

When you’re done, go back to the previous section and then hit OK. You no longer have to do anything else: when you move 1 kilometer away from your point of origin, the iPhone will warn you to turn around and not go too far wherever you are.

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