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iOS 14.4 will warn when it detects unofficial cameras on iPhone

iOS 14.4 is going one step further to continue prioritizing official repairs on iPhones. A developer has discovered and shared with MacRumors what it will be a message that will appear in the System Settings when it detects that the camera that the phone carries is not official.

The message will be brief but direct: “It is not possible to verify that this iPhone has an original / genuine camera“. All phones that have been through an unauthorized repair service using unofficial parts they will be instantly betrayed, although they can continue to function without problems.

A question of guarantee and safety

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With this move, which already exists with screens, Apple wants to remind users that it is not safe to rely on unauthorized repairers. Parts not verified by Apple can cause internal problems, and the company has every right not to want to take care of them. As soon as someone without proper authorization or training opens an iPhone, its warranty is automatically voided.

There are also security reasons– A camera attached to an iPhone that has been tampered with by someone with malicious intent could, for example, take pictures and send them without us noticing. For that same reason Apple was so strict with the parts of the Touch ID modules that come from unofficial technical services.

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It is for all this that from Applesfera We will always recommend that you go to the Apple Store or authorized technical services (like Apple Premium Reseller stores). The only time to go to unofficial repairers is when the company declares an iPhone model as obsolete and we want to repair a fault in it. And still, the security risks are still present.

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