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iPhone 11 dominates the top 10 best-selling smartphones in Q1 2020

On a regular basis, different analysis firms publish their sales estimates for technology products. Recently, Canalys has released its top 10 best-selling smartphones for the first quarter of 2020. Among them, the iPhone 11 launched at the end of 2019 are the unique high-end models that manage to get into this ranking.

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iPhone 11 makes it into the top 10 best-selling handsets

iPhone 11

Before analyzing the graph of CanalysIt is important to clarify a few things. The first is that no company discloses its figures of official sales, much less disaggregate them by model. Apple used to give the total figure, but since two years ago it has stopped doing so, following the industry’s custom.

The second point to note is that Canalys talks about units sell-ini.e. devices sold to the sales channel. A manufacturer sells its units to intermediaries such as operators or consumer electronics stores. This figure does not necessarily coincide with the sell-outwhich are the units sold to the end customer. If these are not produced, the units accumulate on the shelves and generate losses. So the units collected by this firm do not have to coincide with final sales.

canalys graphic

With this in mind, we went on to analyze the list of smartphones in this ranking. The first thing that stands out is that Apple manages to enter with three models in the list. And all three match the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max announced in 2019. The latest generation of iPhones typically accounts for about 60% of total iPhone sales over the year.

Looking at the detail, the iPhone 11 is crowned the best-selling 2019 model reaching 18 million terminalsaccording to Canalys. In January, we saw that Tim Cook claimed to be the best-selling model in Q4 2019. In sixth and tenth position are the iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 11 Pro, confirming the preference in the premium range for the larger models (6.5 vs 5.8 inches).

High-end competition missing in combat

Ranking position

Smartphone model

Launch price

Initial launch


iPhone 11

809 euros

September 2019


Redmi Note 8 & 8T

EUR 180

August 2019


Galaxy A51

359 euros

December 2019


Galaxy A10s

169 euros

August 2019


Redmi Note 8 Pro

249 euros

August 2019


iPhone 11 Pro Max

1,259 euros

September 2019


Galaxy A20s

219 euros

September 2019


Galaxy A01

110 euros

January 2020


Redmi 8A

99 euros

September 2019


iPhone 11 Pro

1,159 euros

September 2019

If we look more closely at the competition in this ranking, we find something of great interest. All the high-end models in this ranking are from Apple. The rest, are low or medium range terminals. By averaging all of them, we get the following average selling price:

  • Apple iPhone: 1,075 euros.
  • Samsung Galaxy: 215 euros.
  • Xiaomi Redmi: 176 euros.

The top sales are dominated by a brand whose terminals are five times more expensive on average. While it is true that in the case of Samsung, the launch of the Galaxy S20 was last March, in the midst of the pandemic. Having made its debut near the end of the quarter, as well as the drop in consumption, it is reasonable that none of its models are in the rankings.

The average price of iPhone in this ranking is five times higher than the rest of the Android contenders

In addition, it should be noted that the sales price at launch varies greatly between models. While Apple is able to keep it in its official stores, playing with discreet discounts on retailersAndroid devices they turn to discounts very quickly. This plays in favor of Apple terminals, since it helps them maintain their value over time (along with security and software updates).

All in all, it’s a quarter that, as far as it goes, brings good news for Apple. As their financial results showed.

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