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1617029692 IPhone 12 durability and Ceramic Shield display featured in new

IPhone 12 durability and Ceramic Shield display featured in new ad

Apple has published a new announcement in which it highlights the resistance that the Ceramic Shield screen provides to the iPhone. A humorous video of just 35 seconds long, very much in line with the last we’ve been seeing.

Relax, it’s an iPhone

In the ad titled “Fumble” that we can translate into Spanish as “to drop or stumble” the protagonist is in the middle of a call with her red iPhone 12 when the phone slips out of her hands. After several seconds trying to catch it on the fly the iPhone ends up on the ground, fortunately intact.

One more ad in the “Relax, its the iPhone” series that seeks to highlight the durability and resistance of these phones. The truth is that comparatively, The iPhone 12 are the toughest iPhone we’ve seen. This resistance is due in part to the square edges that better protect the screen and the heat treatment that it has and that gives it great resistance to falls.

According to Apple, the combination of these two factors gives the iPhone 12 a resistance to falls four times higher than what we can see in other iPhone. Values ​​that, empirically, have been verified and endorse in various tests.

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It is clear that making an iPhone, a device so small and that we move so much throughout the day, be as resistant as possible is important. The move from rounded edges, where the screen covers part of the same edge, to squares, where it is aluminum or steel that would take the first impact, is essential.

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