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1616625926 IPhone 13 launch expected in late September supply chain says

IPhone 13 launch expected in late September, supply chain says

The iPhone 13 launch It is expected by the end of September 2021. This is stated by an analyst who refers to Apple’s Asian supply chain. This date would fit with the one that previous models have been launched, although it states that it could be delayed until the beginning of October. In any case, we are facing the first sign of a return to normality in terms of product launches for the apple.

The iPhone 13 will launch in late September or early October 2021

We’ve gotten more detailed readings from our iPhone 13 supply chain checks, with this upcoming iPhone launch coming from Cupertino at the end of September. From a more precise perspective, we believe that the current launch of the iPhone 13 is scheduled for the third week of September, but it could be delayed until the beginning of October due to continuous adjustments of the model.

From MacRumors they collect the estimates of Dan Ives for the Wedbush firm. Checking the calendar, the third week of September starts on Monday the 13th. Traditionally, Apple opens reservations for the iPhone a week before the official launch. With these data in mind, the iPhone 13 would open its reservations on Friday, September 10 and it would start its sales on the 17th. We would necessarily be talking about a presentation at the beginning of the month, possibly on Monday 6th or Tuesday 7th of September.

If it requires more time, Apple could opt for an opening of reservations on October 1 and an official launch of the iPhone 13 on the 8th. A week full of meaning, given that October 5 marks the 10th anniversary of the death of Steve Jobs. If these dates are met, we would surely see some kind of tribute to the co-founder and visionary of the block during the presentation.

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In any case, the truth is that the chips are starting to fall for the season of new products. With a spring event in the air but with new products still waitingIt seems that Apple is reordering its vendors to focus on the old release schedule.

An iPhone 13 whose characteristics have been fixed for months

iPhone 13

When discussing the features of a new iPhone, keep in mind that the final design is closed between 12 and 9 months before of its launch. This means that, when Apple launches a new model, it is about to finalize the news for the next one. The time that has elapsed since then is dedicated to preparing its final release.

We know that Apple works this way thanks to a comment Dan Riccio made several years ago. On the occasion of the presentation of the iPhone X and the premiere of your Face ID, Riccio stated that this system was always the only option for the model. A decision that was made already in mid-2016, a year before the final launch.

It is a strategy that makes perfect sense, since the difficult thing is not to create a single next-generation iPhone, but to do it on a huge scale and without failures. Millions of units need to be ready for your reservation, launch and delivery during its first days. And that is only achieved by accumulating stock with a ramp-up very aggressive that lasts for several weeks.

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As a preliminary step, the manufacturing process must be almost perfect. Apple needs to produce around 200-220 million iPhones a year, across all models. Any failure affecting a small percentage of models can translate into hundreds of thousands (or millions) of defective units at a critical time. Hence, the company spends several months detecting and suppressing errors in the process.

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