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IPhone availability may drop due to Samsung chip production problems

IPhone availability may drop due to Samsung chip production problems

They are not being good months for the technology industry at the production level. The scarcity and saturation of the demand for components (a minute of silence for those who want a good graphics card or a next-generation console) means that there are many products that are distributed with droppers around the world.

So far Apple has come out of this more or less gracefully, but a recent article in Nikkei Asia warns us that this may change. Samsung is having trouble meeting the demand for OLED displays, which would hinder the availability of units of the iPhone with that screen.

The Texas storm, partly to blame for the shortage

MacRumors has reflected the news recently: One of the causes of this shortage of components is the temporary closure of Samsung’s plant in Texas, due to the storms that have been happening in that state in addition to the power outages. In that plant, the chips that Apple needs to connect and use OLED screens in iPhones are manufactured.

1 billion active iPhones: the incredible numbers from Apple's earnings release

The source wonders if this closure could affect the release date of iPhone 13, in the same way that the pandemic delayed the sale of the iPhone 12 from September to October. To take it seriously would be over-pessimistic, but for now Tim Cook will have to use his experience managing the logistics of his suppliers and sales channels to get around this obstacle.

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