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iPhone XR was the world’s best-selling smartphone in 2019, according to shipping estimates

We rarely find cases like the iPhone XR. Announced in September 2018 along with the iPhone XS and XS Max, his recommended retail price was lower than his older brothersThe camera is equipped with an LCD monitor with a lower resolution (Liquid Retina IPS LCD vs. Super Retina OLED), and a main camera instead of two (even though you can take pictures in portrait mode).

This value for money earned him one of the best-selling smartphones of 2018, but also of 2019. The arrival of the next generation, with the iPhone 11 as its successor, has not been a problem for the iPhone XR to continue leading the lists. It is not difficult to find this terminal at a much lower cost than a year ago.

Apple shipped 46.3 million iPhone XRs in 2019

Table of smartphone shipments in 2019 and 2018

According to data provided by Omdia, Apple shipped in 46.3 million iPhone XRs in 2019. If we follow this data, this model would have been the most sold in that year over iPhone 11, with 37.3 millionand the Galaxy A20, the first Samsung terminal to be listed, with 30.3 million units. This figure is significantly higher than that of 2018, when 23.1 million of this model were shipped.

The iPhone 8 also appears in the rankings occupying seventh place with 17.4 million of smartphones sold in 2019. Not bad if we consider that it is a model launched in September 2017, with a 4.7-inch LCD Retina IPS screen, an Apple A11 Bionic processor and 2 GB of RAM. If Apple announces the “iPhone 9” at the end of March, as rumours have it, it’s quite likely that the latter will take its place.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max (17.6 million) and 11 Pro (15.5 million) also have their place with the sixth and ninth positions, respectively. Finally, it is curious that no high-end Samsung smartphones are listed. While in 2018 there are the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, in 2019 it is the “A” range that has taken all the limelight.

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