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1615414967 Kuo claims Apples helmet will have 15 cameras and 2023s

Kuo claims Apple’s helmet will have 15 cameras and 2023’s iPhone a “periscope”

Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed aspects related to the cameras of several new Apple devices in the last hours. The analyst claims that Apple’s augmented reality headset will have 15 advanced biometric cameras and sensors. And for the iPhones of 2023, Kuo hopes that the iPhones will have a periscope system for the telephoto lens.

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15 biometric cameras and sensors in the Apple helmet

We have reiterated in our previous reports that even though Largan faces structural risk due to Huawei’s market share decline due to the US ban, Largan still has long-term investment value as the lens upgrade cycle and new app trends are still on your site.

Largan Precision is a company of Taiwanese origin whose specialty are modules for cameras. Products that use this component include smartphones, computers, digital cameras, and tablets. Largan Precision has been a supplier of the iPhone on several occasions.

In terms of short and medium term trends, we believe that the potential benefit of Largan is worth the attention of investors, including Apple’s helmet of RM / AR and its adoption of 15 camera modules.

Of course, the inclusion of 15 modules is an interesting figure. In 9to5Mac they indicate that eight serve the augmented reality experience, another module will detect the environment to position objects and six will be used as “innovative biometric sensors”, in the words of Kuo. By comparison, Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 have eight camera-sensors: 4 visible light cameras, 2 infrared cameras, 1 depth sensor, and 1 8MP camera.

New iPhone lens technologies, including a periscope

periscope iPhone

From MacRumors they also reveal details of the note sent to the media by TF Securities, the company where Kuo works. In it they continue to focus on camera modules, this time for iPhones from 2021 to 2023. According to the calendar shared by the analyst, these would be the expected changes in the iPhone camera modules.

For the iPhone of 2021 a new transmitter for Face ID is expected, made of plastic instead of glass. An improvement in coating techniques would allow it, although it is unknown if it will have an impact on anything more than cost reduction. We will also see improvements in the telephoto lens of the high-end, going from lenses of 5 to 6 elements.

Interesting improvements in the telephoto lens are expected this year, but the highlight would come in 2023 with the periscope system

In 2022, he hopes that the system that houses Face ID will adopt a “unibody” design. This “requires that the lenses and the VCM [motor de bobina de voz] assemble before sending to the MTC. “Here Kuo throws up Largan’s name again as one of the two providers.

What are .webp images and how can we manage them on our Mac, iPhone or iPad

If in the past Kuo expected the periscope on the iPhone for 2022, now he delays it until 2023. The telephoto lens would adopt this design, allowing you superior optical zoom the current one, which reaches a maximum of 2.5x on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Other Android manufacturers such as OPPO have been using this technology for a long time, which allows you to zoom without cropping the image.

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