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Movies like in the movies Apples new iPhone 12 Pro

Movies like in the movies, Apple’s new iPhone 12 Pro ad

We continue with the announcements of the iPhone 12 Pro and its impressive cameras. Today Apple brings us a new commercial entitled “Make Movies Like Movies”, referring to the cinematic capabilities of the new iPhone 12 Pro. In the video we are invited to record using creative resources that, together with the improvements in the cameras, should remain on film.

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The truth is that beyond promoting the recording capabilities of the new iPhone 12, The video gives us very interesting ideas for our shots. From resources as simple as putting the iPhone on the ground or directly on it by focusing up, to recording using a cart or car for greater stability, the possibilities are endless.

It’s clear that more and more the iPhone is becoming a recording tool beyond professional cameras. Of course it doesn’t offer the same options, by far, but for many projects the versatility and convenience of recording with an iPhone is very important.

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We have seen in the past short films recorded entirely on an iPhone with amazing results and we are talking about iPhone models from some years ago. The improvements in the cameras of the iPhone 12 Pro really position it as a feasible alternative to other types of cameras for certain projects.

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