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Night photography dazzles in In the Dark the new ad
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Night photography dazzles in In the Dark, the new ad for the iPhone 12 Pro

Apple has launched a new ad to highlight the virtues of the iPhone 12 Pro. In this case it is the ability of this iPhone to take images in low or very low light conditions. An ad that, like many, uses humor to convey a clear message: night photography dazzles on iPhone 12 Pro.

Photos where you can hardly see anything else

In the curious and funny advertisement for the iPhone 12 Pro, the protagonist enjoys taking photos and selfies in almost total darkness in the most diverse places. Whether it’s inside a box in the garage, hidden under your children’s bed, or lying on the grass where it’s practically invisible. the result of the images is surprising.

The short, about 30 seconds, has as its soundtrack the song “In the Dark”, by YG, which fits perfectly with the theme of the ad. An announcement, all be said, that reflects very accurately the impressive results that the iPhone 12 Pro is capable of in low light conditions.

Thanks to three camera system that can capture information simultaneously and at various exposures and the LiDAR sensor that provides depth information for focus, the results of night photography on the iPhone 12 Pro are truly amazing.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, analysis: at the speed of light

One more ad than using humor highlights a really interesting feature of the iPhone 12. A feature that we already use daily or only sporadically will surprise us with its results.

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