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1608145809 opinions and analysis after 30 days of use

opinions and analysis after 30 days of use

After more than 30 days of use of an iPhone 12 Pro and an iPhone 12 Pro Max, I can say emphatically the following: these iPhones have everything one could wish for in an Apple terminal. Of all the models that I have had in my pocket in these twelve years, it is the first that I feel like full. Finished. Finite. A piece of technology that does not contain elements that are an appetizer of something that may come more defined in the future.

That feeling of fullness Apple has achieved it with great effort, iterating technologies of all kinds year after year. Now and finally, both the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max they are for me the definitive terminal.

A design that combines nostalgia with avant-garde

Iphone 5 01

The iPhone 5 is, for many of us, the design that has resonated the most in our hearts. A piece of technology compact in size and angular in shape. With beveled corners and materials (glass and aluminum) whose combination is more reminiscent of a jewel than a mobile phone. A small block whose design, placed on the table, is inevitable.

Iphone 5 04

The design is capable of transmitting very powerful sensations. With the iPhone 5 you knew you had in your hands one of the most advanced pieces of technology from that moment. Not only because of the components themselves, but also because of their external appearance.

Iphone 5 01

All these qualities are found in the iPhone 12 Pro. An angular design, with a steel chassis whose edges are shiny like mirrors. That dispenses with those bezels to give a greater sense of continuity between the metal and the screen. Unifying the back, turning it completely into a matte glass.

Iphone 5 03

To give it a more avant-garde look, the iPhone 12 Pro have a triple camera surrounded by a module that houses the flash, microphone and LiDAR. The camera system is the most advanced created by Apple to date. Together, these iPhones combine the perfect pinch of nostalgia with technology and design enhancements that put it at the forefront of the market.

A camera good enough not to miss anything

Camera 01

More than four years ago, when I got married and traveled to Hawaii, I saw the most spectacular sights and landscapes of my life. Something difficult to overcome after living almost a year in the middle of the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, in Canada. In both I had the same iPhone 5s, which did a competent job.

Marques Square

Picture taken with an iPhone 12 Pro Max without night mode and x2.5 zoom.

However, as the years have passed and I look at the photos I took back then, I regret not having had a better camera. How would these same photos have been with an iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max? What photos would I have taken that I never did? What would the memories of these trips collected by Photos on the iPhone be like?

Goya Ultra Wide Angle

Picture taken with an iPhone 12 Pro Max in ultra-wide angle without night mode.

Photos that I could never have taken for obvious reasons, with the iPhone 12 Pro still four years away. And yet they are questions that harass occasionally. To the point that I have come to make a firm decision to always try to have the best iPhone that I can at all times.

Excessive Patio

Picture taken with an iPhone 12 Pro on a night with a full moon and night mode activated at maximum.

Until now, one had to balance budget and functionality when choosing a new iPhone. With both iPhone 12 Pro, I feel like a generation has come that has reached fullness in photography, whatever the situation. I will not detail in this analysis the photographic capabilities of the iPhone 12 Pro, since our director Pedro Aznar already did it thoroughly in two reviews that I recommend reading carefully:

For me, both models have solved my biggest drawbacks with previous generations: low-light photography. And he has done it in all the modalities that I use on a daily basis, both in normal photos and in portrait and video. Indoor portraits change forever with this iPhone. Photos that I previously discarded because I knew They were not worth it, now they are opportunities to immortalize moments (now I do take those photos in portrait mode of my daughter inside the house and with hardly any light that I previously avoided).


Picture taken with an iPhone 12 Pro Max without night mode and x2.5 zoom.

The outdoor and night scenes have also changed forever. What used to be a cluster of grains without light, now generates a scene worth saving on the reel. As a result, I now take more photos than ever, requiring more local and cloud storage space than before. A problem that can only worsen Over time, if you keep more memorable moments of your life, maybe it is.

These cameras greatly enhance low-light photography and portrait mode, opening up new possibilities at night and indoors.

Forcing the night mode to the maximum, in scenes with little lighting, we get unreal results. As an example, the photo in this section in which you can see a patio with hardly any light on a full moon night. They are the type of photos that I have never liked since this mode emerged on smartphones. Although, in the case of the iPhone, they are not usual since we must provoke them.

A new accessory ecosystem called MagSafe

Cover 02

One of the novelties that most intrigued me with the iPhone 12 is MagSafe. Most current Apple users will not know where this name came from. native to portable Mac for almost a decade. But it is an easy name to remember and understand, as it incorporates “mag” for magnetic and “safe” for security.


The MagSafe charger is the most prominent accessory of this technology, which only interacts with the central system of magnets included in the back of all iPhone 12. In my time with it, I have come across a satisfying experience. Usually, it’s a top loader to any of the ones I’ve tried. And its price of 45 euros is reasonable.

The vast majority of times, it is enough to fly over it with the iPhone for it to dock. Your hit rate is so high that I’ve started doing it without looking closely as was the case with other chargers of this type. And that’s when I found it most difficult to hit the mark, since the attraction of the magnets only acts over very short distances. It’s easy to get used to this accessory.

Camera 02

Its integration with the official covers, why not say so, cool. When docked, MagSafe detects and plays a circular animation that replicates the color of the case. Something only possible due to the NFC chip that these cases integrate and that allows that recognition. In fact, it’s that little white dot at the bottom of Apple’s clear case. When I saw that Apple had included this chip in a case, good old John Hammond came to mind saying that “We have not spared any expenses.”

Wallet 02

In all this time of use, I have alternated the case with others from third parties and the MagSafe, obtaining better results in the load with the official ones (as is obvious). Where the experience has not been as expected is with him wallet. The leather wallet with MagSafe integration It is, in my opinion, a little disappointment in this type of accessory.

Wallet 04

You often come across the MagSafe wallet when you pull it out of the pocket of skinny jeans.

I find it from limited utility in a world with Apple Pay, with trips by public transport almost eradicated and where we even have an operational DGT app. All this makes carrying cards or cards of any kind on you redundant. And if we add that the magnets are not powerful enough to hold the pocket entry and exit in place, we see how it becomes an obstacle very soon.

MagSafe is a great system for creating interesting accessories, save for the leather wallet

The concept is nice. We have four colors to choose from, including a brown leather one whose aging will be most attractive. But its price of 65 euros, together with redundancy and low reliability make this wallet a completely expendable accessory.

A premature but necessary 5G


We’ve been hearing for years about the imminent arrival of 5G on smartphones. The iPhone 12 was not the first smartphone to incorporate this connectivity. Nor did he need to be. Available in the main cities of the big operators, the iPhone 5G connection has not meant the radical change that they promised us.


The reason is that the deployment of these networks is uneven in the same city. And the upload and download speeds are not homogeneous. Nor is it exaggeratedly superior to 4G. I have carried out tests with O2 in the center of Madrid, with mixed results: sometimes there were faster downloads, at other times the uploads increased over 4G. But nothing beyond about 40-50MB per second download and 5-15MB per second upload.

iPhone 12 Pro Max, analysis: productivity and creation on the go

5G is undoubtedly the most unfinished aspect of the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max in this month and peak of use. Although I must point out that not a point attributable to Apple. And in theory, it should resolve itself over time. Despite this, there are many other reasons why both iPhones are a terminal full.

The iPhone 12 Pro for its size, the iPhone 12 Pro Max for its battery and camera

Cover 04

I finish this analysis of the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max after a month of use as I started. They are both the ultimate iPhone for me and I am convinced that many other users see it that way. That model that you have always wanted in your dreams. One in which you are not acquiring a technology in progress, which you know is halfway between what you have now and what will be in an uncertain future. It’s the iPhone of the here and now.

Both iPhone 12 Pro have reached the pinnacle of refinement in design and technologies developed by Apple. More improvements will come in the future, but these models are a real point and apart

At other times I have wondered if an iPhone from a previous generation had already reached that point. Although there were reasons for this with the iPhone XS and iPhone 11 Pro, one little voice inside me I was saying that about “not yetWith these iPhones in hand, no one has to say so, because I know.

Zoom 2 5

Picture taken with an iPhone 12 Pro Max and zoom x2.5.

The main difference between an iPhone 12 Pro and an iPhone 12 Pro Max is in the cameras. Followed by size and battery, this as an inseparable variable from the first. Choosing one or the other depends on what you prioritize the most on an iPhone, which by now you will know very well.

AirPods Max, first impressions: strong sound and design

For the first time since the iPhone came out, I don’t feel impatience to know what will come next year. Definitely, will improve camera, power, battery and other aspects that I can’t imagine. Perhaps in a few years the notch. And yet I see that with both iPhone 12 Pro the top of a mountain has finally been reached.

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