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Supposed iPhone 12 Pro Max screenshots are filtered, showing LiDAR settings and 120Hz display

In the last few hours, several screenshots and videos have been leaked that show some of the secrets of the next iPhone. In particular, these leaks point to the existence of LiDAR, the 120Hz screen and a notch same size for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The origin of the leak is in some test terminals that have not yet entered into final production, to which at least three youtubers.

An iPhone 12 Pro Max with LiDAR and substantial improvements in the camera section

The first to publicize the catches was Jon Prosser, known to have succeeded (and failed) in several leaks this spring. This is an iPhone 12 Pro Max designed for the production validation test (PVT). According to the youtuberThis is the last check of the terminal before it goes into mass production.

Between 1,000 and 20,000 units of the model are manufactured, which have a preliminary version of iOS 14. This is not the final version of the device, but it is is one quite close to what we’ll see in October (iPhone 12 is expected to be released in stages). The purpose of these models is for engineers to ensure that the whole process works as it should.

capture iPhone 12 Pro Max lidar

Prosser has managed to capture the camera settings of an iPhone 12 Pro Max. There we found several adjustments that do not exist on the current iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max:

  • LiDARThe existence of LiDAR on this year’s iPhone has been taken for granted for months (and it’s also on the iPad Pro 2020). Depending on the setting, it can be used for both autofocus and video and night mode person detection.
  • 4K VideoSlow motion recording: 4K recording is allowed at 120fps and 240fps in slow motion mode.
  • Enhanced night modeTo improve the exposure times of night photos, you need a tripod or place the iPhone on a surface.

In addition to these three functions, we find the activation of noise reduction, video bit depth and zoom capabilities. It’s not clear exactly what these are, but any improvement in the camera is welcome.

As this is a PVT version, it is not certain that all the functions shown in the screenshots and video will end up in the final version of the iPhone 12 Pro Max

It should be noted that misprints and strange language are found in the catches. From capital letters where it doesn’t touch typos. For example, Apple refers to its slow-motion function like Slo Mo, not Slow Mo. As these are screen shots, they may well be forged.

120Hz refresh rate screen, same notch and thinner frames


Next, in the video we see another shot that shows another setting. This time from the iPhone 12 Pro Max screen, where we see direct mention of the panel’s refreshment rate. There we see two settings, the first to activate the 120Hz and another for the terminal to alternate between 60Hz and 120Hz to save battery. This feature has long been a matter of debate as to whether it will make it to the end of iPhone 12 Pro.

This is what is known as ProMotion on the iPad Pro, where the screen is more fluid thanks to the increased refreshment rate. A point that is especially noticeable when surfing a website or using an app that frequently changes its pixels, such as a video game.

There’s a lot of doubt about the arrival of the 120Hz ProMotion screen on the iPhone 12 Pro this year, so we have to take this with a grain of salt

Prosser himself admits that since these are screenshots, they can be easily forged. To prove that these are true settings, he added a video recorded in a room without light to show how to access the settings we’ve seen. Between this and the captures shared by the also youtuber EverythingApplePro, we should have some security about the leak.

EverythingApplePro also claims that the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s screen will be 6.7 inchesas has long been rumored. Under the trade name Super Retina XDR Display, a resolution of 2,788 by 1,284 pixels and 458ppi. The 20W charger would also be sold separately.

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Back to Prosser and as for the notchThe size of the body hasn’t changed. It’s still the same as it is right now, except for the fact that the 6.7-inch screen makes it look slightly smaller. What has changed according to the youtuber are the frames, now much thinner (but not shown in the video).

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