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1612991359 The iPhone 12 mini only accounts for 5 of sales

The iPhone 12 mini only accounts for 5% of sales across the range, according to Counterpoint Research

Everyone embraced the arrival of the iPhone 12 mini. Finally, a small iPhone was part of the next generation range of the phone. However, that doesn’t seem to have translated into good sales. New estimates from Counterpoint Research indicate that the iPhone 12 mini has only accounted for 5% of the sales of the entire iPhone 12 range during the first two weeks of January in the United States.

They are not conclusive figures, but it should not be ignored that probably indicate a trend which can be reflected in other markets around the world. Reuters affirms that investors were already expecting it, and that it is also good news on a financial level as it means better sales of the most expensive terminals.

Will there be an “iPhone 13 mini”?

Not a month ago we saw clues about Apple reducing the production of the iPhone 12 mini, which already let us glimpse that there were few who decided on this terminal. Meanwhile, the Pro Max model multiplied by eight those initial sales according to Flurry estimates.

The iPhone 12 mini continues to weaken and points to lower adoption in Europe and the US, according to several analysts

The question that comes to mind is, will the “mini” size survive in the iPhones that we will see presented next fall? There are rumors that state that we will not see changes in the range, but if all the studies indicate such a low percentage, I would not be surprised to see how Apple decides not to invest resources in continuing to manufacture a small terminal. As always, watch out for rumors.

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