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1612284793 The iPhone 12 Pro Max beats the Samsung Galaxy S21

The iPhone 12 Pro Max beats the Samsung Galaxy S21 in a drop test

And boy do we test the iPhones as soon as they come out. All imaginable. One of them is the drop test to determine, in the most experimental way, what is the resistance of the new iPhone against similar devices of the competition. PhoneBuff has published a new video in which Compare iPhone 12 Pro Max and Galaxy S21.

Undisputed winner: the iPhone 12 Pro Max

In the video, both phones are dropped simultaneously in various configurations, from different heights and in different positions. After the first fall, with the screen facing up, the Samsung Galaxy S21 already shows several scratches on the back, in the camera module and with a future one from the rear, although not very visible. The iPhone, with its steel frame, although with marks, survives without further damage.

Screenshot 2021 02 02 At 11 53 22

After a second test, in which they have dropped the two phones with the edge first, both phones come out quite graceful. The marks on the frame are minor. What is striking is that the S21 is scratched with the clip they use in the video to hold the phone before launching it, something that we did not see in practically any phone of the many that PhoneBuff has analyzed.

Screenshot 2021 02 02 At 11 53 59

In the fall screen down the iPhone comes out intact, while the S21 ends up with the screen completely broken, especially in all corners, although yes, it still works. Thus we give way to the final round where the phone is dropped repeatedly. In a previous test the iPhone 12 Pro passed this 10 drop test without breaking at all. Will Samsung be able to do the same? In the fourth drop the screen is noticeably broken and the corners are clearly damaged, although it still seems to respond to touches. After 10 drops the Samsung still works, although it needs a repair immediately.

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After overcoming the 10 falls by the iPhone without any damage beyond cosmetics, PhoneBuff have decided to launch the iPhone once again, from a greater height and against a concrete block. The iPhone has emerged totally unscathed and remains the undisputed winner and by far in terms of its resistance to falls.

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