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The iPhone 12 Pro Max’s screen is the best on the market according to DisplayMate

DisplayMate has been examining the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s Super Retina XDR display and has come to a conclusion: it’s the best on the market. It received the best possible score and also achieved 11 records in the rating system.

And the 11 Oscars go to…

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That the display of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and generally of the entire iPhone 12 range, is spectacular is something that was already apparent, but now DisplayMate has taken it upon itself to quantify and evaluate it. The website has published an extensive review of what is the largest display we have ever seen on an iPhone and its conclusions are clear: 11 records and the highest score. This is an achievement that, as DisplayMate explains, they want to highlight for that “consumers, journalists and even manufacturers know and appreciate the best of display technology”.

Apple has focused on significantly increasing the absolute image quality and absolute color accuracy of the OLED display by implementing factory precision display calibration, moving the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s overall display performance to exceptional record levels with near textbook calibration accuracy that is visually indistinguishable from perfection.

After its rating, DisplayMate has assigned the iPhone 12 Pro Max display the maximum grade of A+. While this is something we’ve seen on other iPhones, the high score count, which stands at 11, is far from the 9 achieved by the iPhone 11 Pro or the 8 of the iPhone XS Max. These are the records and their scores:

  • Maximum absolute colour accuracy (0.9 JNCD) – visually indistinguishable from perfection.
  • Maximum image contrast and intensity scale accuracy (2.19 Gamma) – Visually indistinguishable from perfection.
  • Less change in color accuracy and intensity scale with APL image content (0.2 JNCD) – Visually indistinguishable from perfection.
  • Less change in contrast scale and image intensity with APL image content (0.00 Gamma) – Visually indistinguishable from perfection.
  • Less change in peak luminance with the average APL content image (1 percent) – Visually indistinguishable from perfection
  • Higher full screen brightness for OLED Smartphones (825 nits for 100% APL).
  • Maximum full-screen contrast rating in ambient light (172 at 100% APL)
  • Higher contrast ratio (infinity).
  • Lower screen reflectance (4.8 percent)
  • Less variation in brightness with angle of vision (27% at 30 degrees).
  • Maximum Visible Screen Resolution 2.8K (2778×1284) – the 4K does not appear visually sharper on a smartphone

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It’s clear that Apple has been developing screens for a long time. Screens that, if you look back, have already set records, like the Retina screen on iPhone 4, for example. Now, with the new generation of iPhone 12, they continue to perfect more and more a screen that, as the review itself explains, is not visually different from perfection.

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