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1614304364 The iPhone 13 will feature the 5G Snapdragon X60 modem

The iPhone 13 will feature the 5G Snapdragon X60 modem with lower latency and power consumption

The iPhone 13 will have the Snapdragon X60 modem inside, according to the latest rumors. The chip is designed by Qualcomm and takes advantage of a 5nm manufacturing process that adds certain advantages over its predecessor. As is usual in this type of technology, we will obtain connections with improvements in the latency, energy consumption and efficiency front.

Now yes: X60 modem for iPhone 13

When the first rumors of an iPhone 5G surfaced, it was assumed that it would feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X60 modem. The truth is that the iPhone 12 were the first to have 5G in an Apple terminal, but they did so thanks to a previous modem: the X55. With the new generation, the following improvements are expected:

  • 5nm manufacturing process that makes it smaller.
  • Possibility of combining mmWave and sub-6GHz bands simultaneously to optimize the connection.
  • Lower latency and higher speed as a consequence.
  • Lower consumption for longer battery life under 5G, although how much is not specified (it will depend on more factors).

Thanks to the litigation between Qualcomm and Apple a few years ago, as well as their subsequent settlement, we know some details about the plans with the iPhone. For example, the X60 is the modem that will be used in the 2021 launch, while for next year, we will see the X65. The latter would allow maximum download speeds of 10GB per second, increasing from the current 7GB per second.

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Obviously, this agreement could be modified although there do not appear to be other modems that keep up with Qualcomm. Of course, Apple is expected to launch its own 5G communications chips (Apple bought the modem division from Intel two years ago) that are expected in the iPhone in 2023. The same year that the agreement with Qualcomm ends.

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