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1604107751 the new color of this generation

the new color of this generation

After having already had a first impression of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, we were able to try out one of the new colors of this generation that attracts the most attention. This is the peaceful blue of the iPhone 12 ProThis is a color we have never seen on an Apple smartphone until this year, and it is replacing the night green of the previous generation.

We should point out that although there is a blue color on the iPhone 12, the “not Pro” model, it’s not the same kind of blue. The reason for this difference is unknown, although it may be related to the materials used in both smartphones: aluminum and steel.

Peaceful blue, the color of this generation

Iphone Pacific Blue 006

When Apple launches a new generation of iPhone, usually accompanied by some new color. This increases the feeling of having a more modern terminal for some users, who see it as the version to choose that year.

Iphone Pacific Blue 003

Colours have played an important role in recent years, one that is more prominent than other times if we consider that the exterior design of the terminal has remained with little variation since 2014. Now that the iPhone 12 has a completely new design, the color Pacific Blue reinforces this look even more.

Iphone Pacific Blue 009

In the past we have had some blue iPhones. Either the iPhone 5c or the iPhone XR resorted to light shades of blue, while with this peaceful blue, we see for the first time a rather darker one.

Iphone Pacific Blue 013

Sometimes it is a color that rivals the graphite of the current generation. The successor to space gray which is now more metallic. But throughout the day it’s showing a very elegant colour.

A polished edge, screws torx and the secret of the official covers

Iphone Pacific Blue 002

One of the things that catches the eye is the edge of the iPhone 12 Pro. It’s made of steel that’s polished to a point which reflects almost perfectly our environment. If we look close enough, we can see what’s going on behind our backs.

Iphone Pacific Blue 008

Polishing, of course, is not new to this generation. It’s been around since the first model debuted with steel chassis in 2017 and under the name of iPhone X. But until now we haven’t seen it on a flat-screen.

The peaceful blue of this iPhone 12 Pro is different throughout the day, depending on its angle and the light that falls on its surface

Another striking detail is found in the screws torx. They are the only two screws on the outside of an iPhone that flank the Lightning Harborlike two bouncers from a nightclub.

Iphone Pacific Blue 004

If we mention them, it’s because in this peaceful blue iPhone 12 ProBoth are dark in color, as is the entrance to the Lightning port. Unlike the blue iPhone 12, where they’re silver.

Finally, we should mention the effect that happens when we put an official case on an iPhone 12. tweet superior, an animation is produced around the MagSafe disk that identifies the case as compatible.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, first impressions: more technology than ever

As you can see, the animation is the same color as the cover. This is because contains an NFC chip which allows the accessory to be checked on the iPhone. At Apple they have left no detail to chance, taking advantage of the launch of this new technology.

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