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1616726855 This deconstructed and framed iPhone 3GS is also a work

This deconstructed and framed iPhone 3GS is also a work of art that you can hang in your living room

Apple cares to the point of obsession the design of your products. And that is noticeable not only by its external appearance, but also by its interior. There are few occasions in which we will be able to enjoy the care that the company puts in its components and internal distribution. For this reason, from Grid Studio they propose to frame the most iconic Apple iPhones, placing them piece by piece in a painting that is spectacular.

Frame an iconic iPhone to decorate your home

Grid Studio has among its catalog some of the most representative iPhones in its history framed. In the absence of having the original and of which it is very difficult to obtain a copy, we have the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPod touch. The rest of the more modern models are absent since they still have software updates that keep them current.

iPhone 5

We will also see other smartphones such as the BlackBerry Bold 9000, one of the most legendary devices of the Canadian company. Y also the Nokia E71, both with their respective physical keyboards. And finally, fans of the first PSP also have the opportunity to get a disassembled one.

Iphone 3gs 3

Several years ago in Applesfera we changed the battery and back cover to an iPhone 3G, so this website brings us old memories. Curiously, the iPhone 3GS does not have the battery among the exposed components. But we will see the rest correctly placed and labeled.

More beauty on the inside: the MacBook Pro and its competitors seen from the inside

And that is precisely the attraction they offer on this website. Not just a perfectly disassembled device, but organized in a way that makes sense of how the components go inside. And each element with its corresponding name, so that we know each of the corners of our favorite iPhone.

Prices range from $ 139 for the iPhone 4s or iPhone 5, to $ 169 for the iPhone 3GS or iPhone 6. Since it’s a manual job And that the framing is also by hand, it can be a very successful decorative object in the home or office of someone passionate about technology.

More information | Grid Studio.

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