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This is how we were amazed 14 years ago when using an original iPhone for the first time

Today an iPhone is the most common thing we can throw at our faces. Therefore, every time we analyze one we know more or less how to do it based on last year’s analysis. But fourteen years ago we reviewed the first iPhone ever, at a time when everything that model offered was completely new.

We had before us the first really smart phone in history, and analyzing it meant starting from a blank canvas. We didn’t know it yet, but that canvas would leave behind the era of PDAs and Palm agendas in which we lived.

The revolution of 2007 is already the essential and daily thing in 2021

Applesfera had the first contact with the original iPhone at an authorized Catalan Apple dealer that no longer exists, called Vallès Tecnològic. And it was exceptional, since the original model of the iPhone was not launched in Spain. Pedro Aznar and our then colleague Salva Castro were the ones who tried it at that time.

The video of the review that you can see just above is a trip back in time. Things that we now value as completely obvious were what surprised us the most, As the bubble gum effect when moving or the gesture of the clamp to be able to increase and decrease the zoom of the photographs.

It is even funny to see how we praised the quality of the screen, when right now the panel of the original iPhone would seem very low quality and very small. What face would Pedro have made if at that time he had seen an iPhone 12 Max?

Another point that denotes the difference of times is the browsing tests with Safari. The Internet was not even considering mobile versions of web pages, so they were all desktop versions that we simply expanded to be able to read their content. And beware, at that time we reported that “Apple was working to bring Flash to the iPhone“It goes without saying that this technology met its end, in part, because of the moves Apple made to declare it obsolete.

13 seconds

Curious applications of the time were Google Maps and YouTube, which at that time were official and native applications of the operating system. And as, everything was synced with iTunes on a Mac or Windows PC. No clouds, no online syncing. It was still a long time before we could stop thinking about cables to transfer content.

The resulting article we wrote in the wake of those video tests is also steeped in history. It is worth reviewing even what readers commented on the Apple phone, considering what its future would be like:

RichardHarris: “very optimistic to believe that Iphone is 5 years ahead of the rest, to see what happens in 2008 when android comes to the fore.”

Saurium2: “You are as” geeks “as you seem … ??? I am the only one who uses my mobile only to call and receive calls … ???, will I be the” geek “… ??? The iPhone will be the future” dictator “like this as are the current mobiles … the only thing with more pijadas …

Now the weird thing is using the iPhone just to call. The change, the revolution has been so great that nobody imagined what we could do with an iPhone. It has become the center of our daily life and a device that even already includes functions to correct the use we give it to prevent it from being too much.

We haven’t seen many more “breakthrough” reviews of this kind: we also looked at the first iPad with great curiosity (even skepticism), as well as the first Apple Watch. The original models laid a foundation that has now been completely changed. Perhaps, in the future, we will test the first glasses or the first Apple car and not even imagine the foundations that products like this are going to lay.

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