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This is the process to recycle an iPhone and replace it with a new one from home and through the Apple Store

Not a few people want to take advantage of Apple’s promotion to recycle your current iPhone and get a discount to buy a new one. Normally the best way to do that is to go to an Apple Store and go through the entire process with the help of your employees in person, but of course … 2020 is the year of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, Apple continues to offer this option through its website. You can indicate the iPhone (or other device) you want to recycle, and the company guides you through the entire terminal replacement process. We have talked to a user who you have recycled your old iPhone via the Apple website to explain how the whole process has been.

Value, buy, receive, send and collect; all in ten days

Face ID 2 faces

Alberto’s decision, who lives in Madrid, was to replace his iPhone X with one of the new iPhone 12 Pro since the battery in his terminal no longer lasted as long as when he bought it three years ago. So, convinced by the discount he got by sending that iPhone X to be recycled, he decided to replace it with an iPhone 12 Pro through the official Apple promotion.

As Alberto tells us, iPhone appraisal is done in advance on the web and at the time of purchase of the new iPhone. It is there, when you choose the configuration of the new iPhone, when you have the option to inform that you want to deliver an old iPhone. Alberto did it through the official application of the Apple Store, completely from the iPhone X itself that he wanted to deliver to simplify the process. You need to have the serial number of your terminal handy, which you can find in Preferences> Information.

Buy Iphone Apple Store

Already at that moment, Apple shows you an estimated value of the iPhone on the screen. It is an estimated value, and that remains to be confirmed once the company has personally reviewed the terminal and verifies that you have not said anything wrong when evaluating it. If you agree with the assessment, you proceed to the purchase of the new iPhone. The discount, once again, does not apply immediately. It is sent to the card that you used to pay (in full) for the new iPhone once Apple has done its checks.

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From here and once the order has been placed, Apple will send you information about two separate orders. One with the new iPhone and the other with a specially prepared cardboard box with instructions attached for you to place your terminal there. Each order will arrive on separate days, because it already depends on the courier companies that send them to your home.

The next step is to wait for the new iPhone to arrive, configure it and then place the old iPhone with the deleted data and your closed Apple ID session in the cardboard box that comes to you for this purpose. This is what the box looks like, at least in the case of the iPhone X:

Box 1

Box 2

According to Alberto tells me, everything is very comfortable and simple. The only downside is that you have to be patient, because the wait between the old iPhone reaches its destination and Apple reviews it can be longer than a week. In fact it took ten days until Apple confirmed that everything was in order and paid the amount promised on your bank card.

The advantage of this is that you have a certain margin of time to be able to migrate from the old iPhone to the new one, and that at all times you receive information on the status of the process. Apple has made sure that the experience, despite being more durable, is the best possible when you want to recycle and replace an iPhone from the comfort of your home.

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