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this is what’s going to be launched in the next few months

With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic affecting everyone, Apple’s (and other companies’) short and medium-term plans are being affected. It’s something that I already commented on in a previous edition of Rumorsfera, and that seems to have become clear with a quasi-release that was revealed a few days ago on Twitter.

It is therefore difficult to predict specific product launch dates that the company must have on its agenda, but we can always use all the past rumours to at least name periods of time when we might see the odd surprise. Always insisting, of course, that these bands can be modified or cancelled with a simple dispatch decision. Therefore, let us take all these data very carefully.

This is Apple’s schedule from tomorrow until 2021

iPhone 9

The launch that may be closest is the iPhone 9. Apparently Apple would be holding high-level meetings to decide whether or not to launch the terminal at some point very soon, we might even see it next week. The main obstacle will be how to achieve good sales figures with the Apple stores in most of the world closed and the restrictions in several countries that could prevent home delivery of the phone.

Apple AirTag

The AirTags do not have a definite launch date, but could see the light either by appearing at the WWDC20 in early June or alongside the launch of the iPhone 12 in September. This is supported by the fact that the AirTags appear in the source code of iOS 14, which will be introduced in the first month and launched in the second month. More optimistic rumors point to April as another possible launch date… and that may have been Apple’s initial plan before the COVID-19 virus brought nearly half the world’s population under quarantine.

Macbook Pro

We move on to updates to the Mac range. Ming-Chi Kuo put in its reports renewal plans of the iMac Pro by the end of the year, and before him would come a new 14-inch MacBook Pro that would replace the current 13-inch model in the same way that the 16-inch has replaced the 15-inch. Same idea of renovation: less frame, more screen, same size.


Before the end of the year we would also see a renewal of the iPad rangeThe iPad Pro: There would be a new iPad mini and a new 10.2-inch model, while a new model of the iPad Pro 12.9-inch would have a new miniLED panel with all the benefits that would entail. It would be sometime in the second half of 2020. Oh, by the way, the Apple Watch Series 6 should also see the light at that time, probably in September or October.

There are other more dubious rumors but we can mention them: the first iPhone with 5G could see the light this year or next year, and according to the iOS 14 leaks we should see the arrival of some AirPods Studio sometime in the fall. And of course, we may have more surprises like that rethinking of AirPower that has been talked about recently.

And the augmented reality glasses that we’ve been talking about for years? I would rule out 2020 completely as the year this new device sees the light. Perhaps 2021 might be the right time.

What we will certainly see in June will be the presentation of iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7, macOS 10.16 and tvOS 14. From then on, the developers will start downloading the successive betas of all those systems throughout the summer to launch the final and stable version in September or October. Let’s hope that the coronavirus doesn’t alter all those plans too much.

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