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1610972494 This prototype iPhone 5s in graphite was already ready in

This prototype iPhone 5s in graphite was already ready in December 2012

In December 2012, Apple already had a prototype iPhone 5s ready. The most striking thing is that it was a slate-colored model, the same as the newly launched black and graphite iPhone 5. Thanks to the Twitter user Dongle, we have been able to see this prototype in a color that would not see the light the following year.

An iPhone 5s in black and graphite almost a year before its launch

Iphone 5s

The iPhone 5s debuted in September 2013. Its most outstanding novelties were Touch ID to unlock the terminal safely and quickly, the 64-bit A7 processor that caused panic in the industry and slow motion. The only changes that differentiated it to the naked eye were the Touch ID button, the dual rear flash and the space gray color.

It is the latter precisely what reveals to us that we are before a prototype that never reached the market. While the iPhone 5 had that graphite or slate color, the iPhone 5s debuted in a space gray that has been maintained for several generations. Additionally, this model features a matte black upper and lower rear.

The author of tweet states that this prototype was manufactured in December 2012, shortly after the commercial launch of the iPhone 5. It is interesting to see how Apple already had the next generation practically ready just a few months after the launch of the previousr. The company closes the design of a new terminal about 9-12 months in advance, something that we already learned on the occasion of the creation of Face ID.

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So we can rule out the supposed last minute changes that emerge in the chain of rumors as the release date approaches. TOpple finalizes the design of their iPhone long before they reach the user. And this prototype is a sample of it.

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