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1620663405 We talk a lot about an iPhone 13 but we

We talk a lot about an ‘iPhone 13’, but we will probably see an ‘iPhone 12S’: Rumorsfera

We have been commenting on the rumors of the iPhone that we will see this fall for a long time and everyone seems to have already baptized them as the ‘iPhone 13’. However, precisely looking at the features that are rumored for those iPhones, maybe we are sinning ambitious.

A continuous iPhone, but prior to possible big changes

Let’s review what we would see with the iPhone of 2021:

They are good improvements, no doubt, but we will continue to have an iPhone range very similar to the current one with the iPhone 12 and keeping practically the same design. It’s that design change that caused Apple to skip the ‘iPhone 11S’ name, but that strategy may return this fall.

Dispelling doubts: yet another leak points to a reduced 'notch' on the iPhone 13

In addition, it must be borne in mind that In 2022 or 2023, iPhones may experience a major change. Precisely it does nothing that Jon Prosser has mentioned again a folding model, which could be added as a very high-end model or perhaps it could change everything there is to date.

Or who knows, maybe the next iPhone is going to be called the iPhone 13 for a pure marketing decision. Place your bets, we have a whole summer of rumors left to strengthen this reflection.

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