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1613597185 We will see an iPhone 13 mini despite moderate sales

We will see an iPhone 13 mini despite moderate sales from its predecessor, according to several analysts

The iPhone 12 family is one of the most complete we have seen in years. No less than four models were presented, distinguished mainly by their size, the smallest being the iPhone 12 mini. A phone that generated a lot of interest at launch, but whose sales, according to some analysts, would not have reached the expected numbers. Despite this, Apple will present, as far as we know, an iPhone 13 mini.

An iPhone 12 mini that sells little or Pro models that do a lot?

First of all, it is important to note that Apple does not break down the number of iPhone sold by model. This means that all the sales numbers that we expose come from external analysts and that, therefore, they can be wrong. That said, what is going on with the sales of the iPhone 12 mini? It seems that they are less than expected.

At the beginning of the year, a Consumer Intelligence Research report placed the sales of the iPhone 12 mini during October and November in the United States at 6% compared to the rest of the family. Later, at the end of January, Morgan Stanley commented that Apple appeared to have cut production of the iPhone 12 mini by two million units. This change, however, does not necessarily mean that iPhone 12 mini sales are badInstead, those of the Pro models are larger than expected.

To these two reports, some Taiwanese media joined to confirm a high demand for iPhone 12 Pro in China and, subsequently, Counterpoint Research claimed that the iPhone 12 mini accounted for 5% of iPhone 12 sales in the United States during the first half of January.

Sales affected by the pandemic that may rebound when its effects wear off.

This situation is given by two main reasons. The first is that the majority of the population in Europe and the United States is mainly at home. Therefore, the prioritization of portability in front of a large screen to view content does not favor the purchase of the mini model. The second is that China, where the health situation is comparatively better, has always been a territory that prioritizes large screens.

An iPhone 13 mini that will continue with us

Iphone 12 Vs Iphone 12 Mini

With all these data, one might think that Apple could remove the mini model of the iPhone 13 family, although it seems that it will not be the case. Something that would clash, everything is said, with the enormous satisfaction of customers with this model. JPMorgan Chase himself stated that Apple planned to discontinue production of the iPhone 12 mini in mid-2021, but everything seems to indicate that, even if it were, we will see an iPhone 13 mini this fall.

Several analysts, including Ming-Chi Kuo, leakers like Jon Prosser, and other sources have claimed that we will see an iPhone 13 mini this year. Something that fits with the fact that, if it has been the health situation that has impoverished the sales of the smallest iPhone in the family, a rebound in sales should be seen by the end of this year.

At the same time it seems that this year we will not see a renewal of the iPhone SE (2020), a model that is presented as an excellent alternative to the iPhone 12 mini. All of this portends that not only will we see an iPhone 13 (or 12s, or plain iPhone) family of four this year, but the interest in small screens is still alive and well and ready for a makeover.

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It is clear that no one in the industry, or outside of it, expected the arrival of a pandemic with the ability to alter both purchasing patterns, production, demand, freight transport, etc. The truth is that drawing conclusions from the movements of companies, including Apple, in this context is clearly risky. Hopefully it seems that Apple’s plans for the little one in the family are still underway and that in the fall we will have iPhone mini.

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