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1619653794 What is the iOS 145 battery recalibration and what does

What is the iOS 14.5 battery recalibration and what does it mean for our iPhone

With iOS 14.5, a small novelty in the field of battery management came to the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. A novelty that allows us recalibrate its capacity and, if necessary, request a replacement from Apple gratuitous. Let’s see this small but important novelty in detail.

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Only iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max

The maximum capacity of the battery is a value that is estimated with the successive charges and discharges of our iPhone and that allows us to have an idea of ​​its health. As batteries age, so do their chemical components and, as a result, the amount of charge they can hold decreases.

In iOS 14.5 Apple will recalibrate this value to ensure that its reliability is maximum. The process it may take a few weeks and can result in the solution to excessive wear of the same or in the reduction of the capacity of peak performance. Recalibration only occurs on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max and is automatic after installing the update.

We can check the status of this recalibration in Settings > Drums > Battery health. An “Important Battery Message” informs us that “the battery health information system is recalibrating the battery’s maximum capacity and peak performance capacity.”

Once the process is finished we will see the new value in the same section, along with some possible error messages if the process had found any irregularity. In the iPhone in which I have been able to test the process, as we see in the image below, the capacity has decreased from 93% to 91%.

Free repairs in some cases

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In general, the recalibration of the battery will be given by completed and the message will simply disappear. At that time we can see the updated percentage, which may or may not have changed compared to the original. In some cases we may see a new message appear stating that “an authorized Apple supplier can replace the battery free of charge to restore its original capacity and performance.”

If this is the case, it is best contact Apple directly to make an appointment and carry out the repair. As on other occasions, Apple will cover repairs that have taken place out of warranty and have already been paid for. A courtesy that on more than one occasion we can greatly appreciate.

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It is clear that batteries are much more complex than they appear. The simple task of powering our devices to perform their functions during the day to day is not simple at all. From the progressive aging of the chemical components to an effective management of the load capacity, it is clear that processes like these, although we are not very aware of them, are essential and a sign of the care that Apple takes with all the devices.

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