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With iOS 15 we can locate an iPhone even if it is turned off

The search network, which allows us to locate our devices and accessories, is advancing by leaps and bounds. The functions that Apple integrates into compatible devices make locating a lost device even easier and prevent it from being found even more difficult. On iOS 15 we can locate an iPhone even if it is turned off or all its content has been deleted.

An iPhone that never turns off and is always discoverable

Until now, an iPhone turned off could not be located in any way, something that could be used to prevent the location of a phone. Now with iOS 15 iPhones never just turn offInstead, they go into a very low-power mode similar to that used by AirTags. Through this mode, the phone emits the necessary bluetooth signal so that the surrounding devices pick up the message and relay the location to the cloud of the Search network.

And if this new system weren’t enough, Apple has gone one step further by ensuring that a fully factory-restored iPhone will remain discoverable as long as we keep Activation Lock on. This means that As long as we do not delete an iPhone from the Search app manually we can locate it.

Although Apple does not recommend using the Search system to prevent device theft, the truth is that this system will deter any friend from outside looking for the odd phone. Undoubtedly the inability to prevent the iPhone from remaining discoverable it is something to keep in mind.

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In a few months we have seen great advances in device localization. First was the opening of the Search network to third parties, with which more and more manufacturers can join the system, then we saw the launch of AirTags, which allow us to locate any device, and now with iOS 15, currently in beta, localization of our iPhones reaches a new level. Nothing replaces always keeping in mind where we carry or leave the iPhone, but it is undoubtedly an important advance so that an oversight is only a scare.

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