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Xiaomi snatches second place from Apple in smartphone sales in one of the “weakest” quarters of the year

Xiaomi has become the second largest smartphone manufacturer the world for Q2 this year. It is a real achievement, as it displaces Apple to third place and is close to a Samsun that continues to lead the world market. Of course, the overtaking of Cupertino occurs in a traditionally “weak” quarter for the iPhone.

Xiaomi is the second manufacturer in the world, for now

This graph is the Canalys study that gives Xiaomi the second position in sales of smartphones in the world. In it we see how Samsung has a 19% share, followed by Xiaomi with 17% and Apple with 14%. The three are pretty close together, while Oppo and Vivo are tied at 10% each.

Global smartphone sales graph

The growth rates are striking, where the Chinese brand far exceeds the rest. Its 83% year-on-year growth is much higher 15% of Samsung and let alone 1% of Apple. Oppo and Vivo also have decent growths this time of year. The figures are compared with those of the same quarter of the previous year, which was from beginning to end marked by the coronavirus.

Here we must take into account several things. The first and as Canalys points out, is that the average selling price of Xiaomi mobiles are 40% and 75% cheaper than Samsung and Apple, respectively. In other words, the bulk of Xiaomi’s sales comes from the sale of very cheap terminals. So it competes little or nothing with the Cupertino iPhones in terms of effective sales by price range.

iPhone 12

The second is that this is one of the quarters lazy Apple, but the most. The company launches new terminals at the end of the third quarter of the year, with the fourth quarter being the first in which they are sold from start to finish (last year was the exception, as the iPhone 12 debuted in October). That is why even the third quarter usually has a sales rebound that puts it above the second.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, analysis: this is how the king of all Xiaomi performs to date

Therefore, these types of rankings are not very indicative if seasonality is not taken into account. Similarly, we have the opposite perspective when a new generation of iPhone debuts on the market. Last year, the iPhone 12 was ahead of Samsung in world sales for the fourth quarter. We will have to see how the year ends, although everything indicates that Xiaomi will be among the top three again.

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