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your chip will start being produced next month
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your chip will start being produced next month

The production and launch of new iPhone models may change at any time due to the impact of the COVID-19 virus, but little by little, news is appearing that indicates that not all the plans have been truncated. DigiTimes reports (and MacRumors reflects) that mass production of the A14 chips that should carry the iPhone 12 will start in April.

More performance and efficiency with 5nm transistors

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TSMC would take over production, as has been leaked in the past, and the chips would go on to have a 5nm architecture. That means that on the same surface we can have more transistors, which will mean a higher performance with more or less the same energy consumption.

TSMC does not appear to have been greatly affected by the coronavirusThis is because production of the chips for the new iPhones launched in September usually begins in April or May. It is another matter that the rest of the components of those iPhones and their final assembly on the assembly line are delayed, as the factories are still recovering from the personnel restrictions that China has put in place during the last few weeks.

The iPhone 12 will have iOS 14 pre-installedThis system should be presented around June and we already have enough details thanks to 9to5Mac leaks. There are still months to go, so the best thing you can do if you wait for that new model to renew is to be patient.

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