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What is the best thermometer app for iPhone?
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What is the best thermometer app for iPhone?

Best Thermometer Apps

  • iThermonitor.
  • Finger Body Temperature.
  • Real Thermometer.
  • Smart Thermometer.
  • Smarttemp.
  • iCelsius.
  • Thermo.
  • Fever Tracker.

In this manner, How can you check a temperature without a thermometer?

If you are comfortable and do not need to add or remove clothing, your room is probably in this range. If the room is very cold, you can use a cube of ice to determine if it is below or above the melting point of ice. Ice melts at 32 degrees F or 0 degrees C so if it does not melt, you know that it is less than this.

Furthermore Is there a free body thermometer app for iPhone?

Real Thermometer

The app uses the infrared sensor of your phone to get the data. It will help you to easily measure body or object temperature for free. It is easy to use and, what is more, it is a free app for all smartphones.

Is there a outdoor thermometer app for iPhone? My Acurite is also the best weather app for iPhone. This is because it’s a full-functioned iPhone thermometer app, plus it harnesses AcuRite’s array of environmental sensors to deliver reliable indoor readings, precision weather measurements taken right in your back yard, and dependable weather forecasts.

Beside above Can a smartphone be used as a thermometer?

With the right app, your Android smartphone or tablet can function as a thermometer using your device’s built-in temperature sensor. However, even if your mobile device is not equipped with a temperature sensor, there is still a way to get a decent temperature reading for the surrounding air.

Can you check your temperature online?

iCelsius is an amazing thermometer app for android and iOS users that allows you to easily get the temperature on your smartphone. … It is a popular digital thermometer by which you can easily get fever temperature. One of the best features of this app is to provide a live display on your smartphone.

How do I check my indoor temperature?

A general room temperature measurement is around 70–75 °F (21–24 °C).

  1. A digital thermometer will display the temperature on its screen and will be the most accurate.
  2. Read the numbers next to the top of the liquid in a glass thermometer to measure the temperature.

Can I take my body temperature with this phone?

You can take your own temperature or someone else’s right from the iPhone using the Kinsa Smart Thermometer. The device simply connects to the iPhone headphone jack. The app will display the patient’s temperature almost immediately on the screen.

How can I check my phone temperature online?

Outpost Temp. Outpost Temp is a revolutionary temperature monitoring solution. With no power supply or data cables required you can place the device anywhere you want to measure temperature that has mobile phone coverage. You can view and report on the 15 minute data from your website.

Are phone thermometers accurate?

And by tricky, we mean almost impossible to do accurately. Obviously, the sensor should be somewhere on the outside of the phone. But a smartphone thermometer can’t be sticking out because that would be ugly. So it has to be embedded in the frame or the back of the device.

Is there an app to check temperature in a room?

The app Room Temperature App will also tell you the outdoor temperature, and humidity level. In the weather forecast section, you will find the temperature is expected in the coming days. Before each room temperature measurement, you need to calibrate the application Room Temperature App.

Is there an app to measure indoor temperature?


Thermometer is an app for Android that allows a user to know room temperature. The app also detects battery temperature. It uses °C or °F. It was offered by reism and requires Android 4.1 and up.

What should indoor temperature?

Depending on the season, the ideal house temperature for both comfort and efficiency is between 68 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. In the summer, the recommended thermostat setting is 78 degrees F. In the winter, 68 degrees is recommended for energy savings.

What is this code * * 4636 * *?

If you would like to know who accessed Apps from your phone even though the apps are closed from the screen, then from your phone dialer just dial *#*#4636#*#* it will show up results like Phone Information, Battery Information, Usage Statistics, Wi-fi Information.

Why is my phone so hot?

Phones often get hot from overuse or from having too many active apps. Your phone may also overheat due to malware, misbehaving software, or exposure to direct sunlight. It’s normal for phones to get a bit warm, but sustained heat can signal a deeper problem.

Can an Apple watch take your temperature?

Apple Watch do not have a mechanism for measuring body temperature. ThermoWatch+ is an app to register the measured value. … Previous models than iPhone4S (Including iPod touch) is not able to use Apple Watch.

Is real thermometer app free?

The app that senses your body temperature using a camera is called a thermometer. It displays the body temperature in Fahrenheit and it alert in case of fever. The app allows measuring the temperature of many people and keeps records for each of them. … The app is available for Android and iOS for free.

Is there an indoor temperature app for iPhone?

1. HD Thermometer. HD Thermometer is a free and easy-to-use mobile application wherein you can monitor and see the accurate temperature of your current location. This has a simple and rustic-style interface and design.

Can my phone measure room temperature?

Room thermometer is app which precisely measure temperature in your room. It uses ambient temperature sensor which are built-in to Android phones. Just open our app and measure accurate temp in your surroundings! …

Is 72 degrees room temperature?

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language identifies room temperature as around 20–22 °C (68–72 °F), while the Oxford English Dictionary states that it is “conventionally taken as about 20 °C (68 °F)”.

What is the best temperature for sleeping?

The best bedroom temperature for sleep is approximately 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18.3 degrees Celsius). This may vary by a few degrees from person to person, but most doctors recommend keeping the thermostat set between 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit (15.6 to 19.4 degrees Celsius) for the most comfortable sleep.

Is 72 too cold for AC?

For most people, the normal comfort zone temperature sits around 72-73 degrees—but an air conditioner isn’t a highly scientific machine. … Setting the thermostat at 78 degrees typically keeps enough cool air in the room for comfort.

What is *# 0 *# in Samsung?

To access the hidden diagnostic tool, you need to type the secret code *#0*# in your Samsung phone’s dialer app. As you type, it’ll automatically take you to the diagnostic mode- you don’t need to press the dial button. If it doesn’t, the feature is probably disabled on your device.

What happens if you call *# 21?

Our ruling: False. We rate the claim that dialing *#21# on an iPhone or Android device reveals if a phone has been tapped FALSE because it is not supported by our research.

What does *# 21 do on iPhone?

Dial *#21# and press Call shows the status of call forwarding for voice, data, fax, sms, sync, async, packet access, and pad access call forwarding enabled or disabled.

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