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Why can't I add my phone number to iMessage?
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Why can’t I add my phone number to iMessage?

Go to Settings > Messages and make sure that iMessage is on. … If you see “Use your Apple ID for iMessage,” tap it and sign in with the same Apple ID that you use on your Mac, iPad, and iPod touch. In the “You can receive iMessages” section, make sure that your phone number and Apple ID are selected.

In this manner, What does it mean when a phone number is not registered with iMessage?

If an existing group chat consists entirely of iPhone users, messages are not forwarded to traditional SMS/MMS text messaging. When an Android user is added, the contact name shows up in red with “Not registered with iMessage” as the error message. … This will tell the group message to use SMS/MMS instead of iMessage.

Furthermore How do I activate iMessage without a phone number?

Pro Tip: In a nutshell, you simply need to select your Apple ID under Settings > Messages > Send & Receive to send messages over Wi-Fi without a SIM card. Even if you see Waiting for activation, you can send and receive messages via your Apple ID.

Why is phone number GREY in iMessage? A: On an iPhone, your device’s phone number will always appear in your Messages and FaceTime settings. This number normally appears greyed out and you cannot select or de-select it since it is usually enabled automatically by the iMessage and FaceTime cellular activation process.

Beside above Why can’t I add my phone number to my iPhone?

Try toggling off iMessage, and then restarting the device using these steps: Restart your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. After restarting, toggle iMessage back on then test to see if you can add your phone number again.

How do I fix my number not registered with iMessage?

To fix this problem, you will need to set up text message forwarding. Doing so will enable you to send and receive SMS and MMS messages from your Mac, iPod touch or iPad. This will let you use your iPhone to send and receive any type of message (iMessage, SMS, MMS) on your other Apple devices.

What does it mean when a phone number is not registered?

If you see the ‘not registered on network’ error on your device, it means your SIM card can’t connect to your carrier’s network. You will likely not be able to make or receive calls or text messages.

How do I set up text message forwarding on my iPhone?

Set up text message forwarding

  1. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive. …
  2. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Messages > Text Message Forwarding.*
  3. Choose which devices can send and receive text messages from your iPhone.

How can I use my iPhone without a phone number?

If it is not listed, tap on Send & Receive and select Use Apple ID for iMessage option on the next screen. On the next screen, sign-in using your Apple ID and Password. After this, you will be able to send and receive iMessages and make FaceTime calls from your iPhone, without having an active Phone Number.

How do I activate my new SIM for iMessage?

Turn off iMessage or Facetime, then log out your Apple ID (from Settings – iTunes and App Store). Log back in again, then turn on iMessage or Facetime once again. This will start the activation process.

How do you activate a phone number?

How to Activate Your Android Phone: 7 Super Simple Steps

  1. Step 1: Use an Existing Account. …
  2. Step 2: Make Sure It Is Compatible. …
  3. Step 3: Authorize Your New Device. …
  4. Step 4: Check the SIM. …
  5. Step 5: Add a Device with an App. …
  6. Step 6: Confirm with the App. …
  7. Step 7: Phone it In.

Why is my iMessage phone number different?

Go to Settings > Messages. Toggle iMessage to OFF and then back to ON. Once iMessage has been activated, scroll to Send & Receive to check if the right mobile number is ticked.

What does it mean when someone’s number is GREY on iPhone?

Grey Contacts using the Messages app? This means you cannot text them. If the contact is green you can send them MMS/SMS and blue contacts mean you can send them iMessages.

How do you remove a phone number from iMessage?

Follow the below steps to remove phone number from iMessage. Open Settings on your iPhone and go to Messages. Tap Send & Receive button. Tap Use your Apple ID for iMessage and enter Apple ID passcode, then uncheck your phone number from iMessage.

How do I add my phone number to my Apple ID?

Go to the Apple ID website and sign in with your Managed Apple ID. In the Security section, click Edit. Click “Add a trusted phone number,” enter the phone number and select Text Message or Phone Call, then click Continue. Enter the six-digit code, then click Verify.

How do I add a phone number to my Apple ID without verification code?

Update your trusted phone number through account recovery

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your Apple ID.
  3. Select “Didn’t get a verification code?”, then select More Options.
  4. You’ll be redirected to
  5. Complete your account recovery request. Learn more about account recovery.

How do you register phone numbers with iMessage?

to use your number for iMessage you will have to go to Settings->Messages and turn on iMessage. ->(your Apple ID card at the top)->Name, Phone Numbers, Email and press „Edit“ next to „Contactable At“ and add another number.

How do I enable my iMessage?

1. Ensure iMessage is enabled. Open Settings, scroll down, and tap Messages. Make sure the toggle for iMessage is green, and there is no message below it like iMessage waiting for activation.

How do I register a phone number with Apple ID?

Go to the Apple ID website and sign in with your Managed Apple ID. In the Security section, click Edit. Click “Add a trusted phone number,” enter the phone number and select Text Message or Phone Call, then click Continue. Enter the six-digit code, then click Verify.

What to do if mobile data is not working?

Steps to Fix Mobile Data Not Working on Android

  1. Check If You’ve Reached Your Mobile Data Limit. …
  2. Try Restarting Your Mobile Phone. …
  3. Check If You’re on Airplane Mode. …
  4. Check If You’re Using the Right Mobile Network. …
  5. Re-Insert Your SIM Card. …
  6. Reset Your APN. …
  7. Change Your APN Protocol. …
  8. Manually Enter Your APN.

How can I see my boyfriends text messages without him knowing?

Minspy’s Android spy app is a message interception app specially designed for Android phones. It can give you all the data that your boyfriend is hiding in his Android phone, without his knowledge.

How do I divert calls and texts to another number?

Forward calls using Android settings

  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. Touch the Action Overflow icon. On some phones, touch the Menu icon instead to see a list of commands.
  3. Choose Settings or Call Settings. …
  4. Choose Call Forwarding. …
  5. Choose one of the following options: …
  6. Set the forwarding number. …
  7. Touch Enable or OK.

How can I see who my boyfriend is texting for free?

Hold your boyfriend’s phone and unlock it. Open with any browser and download it. Then install the app, log in to your account, and follow the instructions given to allow the app permissions to access data on your boyfriend’s phone.

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