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Why can't I delete an app?
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Why can’t I delete an app?

Apps with Administrator Privileges

Apps with Android administrator access may not allow you to uninstall them normally. Some apps require administrator access in order to perform certain functions, such as lock your screen. To uninstall them, you’ll have to revoke the app’s administrator privilege: Go to settings.

In this manner, How do I remove an app from my library?

Head to the App Library section by scrolling past the last page on your home screen. Now long-press on an empty space in the App Library to enter jiggle mode or edit mode. Now, tap on the “X” icon next to any app here to delete it from your iPhone. When prompted, choose “Delete” to confirm.

Furthermore How do I delete apps that won’t delete on my iPhone?

Go to “Settings” > “General” > “iPhone Storage”. Find the apps you can’t delete on Home screen. Tap one app and you will see “Offload App” and “Delete App” in the app specific screen. Choose “Delete App” here.

How do I remove the weather app from my home screen? Step 1: Tap and hold on the weather widget. Step 2: Drag the weather widget to the trash can icon at the top of the screen, then lift your finger off the screen to place the widget in the trash can and delete it. Would you like to be able to take screenshots on your Android phone like the ones shown in this article?

Beside above How do you Uninstall an app that has no Uninstall option?

Remove Apps That Phone Won’t Let You Uninstall

  1. 1] On your Android phone, open Settings.
  2. 2] Navigate to Apps or Manage Applications and select All Apps (may vary depending on your phone’s make and model).
  3. 3] Now, look for the apps that you want to remove. …
  4. 4] Tap the app name and click on Disable.

Why can’t I delete apps on my iPhone 12?

Your device has restrictions enabled to prevent you from deleting apps. The apps are native to iOS and are not removable. Apps are stuck in a waiting status. You enabled restrictions for deleting apps on that device.

How do I permanently delete an app from my iPhone and iCloud?

How to Delete Apps from iCloud

  1. From the Home screen, open “Settings“.
  2. Choose “iCloud“
  3. Select “Storage“.
  4. Select “Manage Storage”
  5. Select your device.
  6. Scroll down and select “Show All Apps“.
  7. Turn the app on or off as desired.
  8. Tap “Turn Off & Delete” when prompted, and you’re done.

How do I permanently delete apps from my iPhone 12?

How to Delete Apps on iPhone 12 from the Settings App

  1. Tap the Settings app.
  2. Go to General > iPhone Storage. This shows all of the apps on your iPhone and how much storage space they use. …
  3. Tap the app you want to delete. On the next screen, tap Delete App. …
  4. In the pop-up, tap Delete App.

Why can’t I remove apps from my Home screen?

Try long-pressing an app icon.

Some Android developers put a menu option for removing apps in a long-press menu, so tap and hold the app to see if a menu pops up.

How do I remove the weather from my lock screen?

Go to settings, lock screen, additional information, and you should be able to disable it in there. Go to settings, lock screen, additional information, and you should be able to disable it in there.

How do you Uninstall an app that won’t Uninstall Windows 10?

Follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the Windows key on your keyboard then press “R”, this should open Run.
  2. Now type “appwiz. …
  3. This should open the old Windows uninstalling utility.
  4. Now simply find the program you are trying to uninstall, right-click on it, and then click “Uninstall”.

How do I delete apps from app Store history?

Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device.

  1. Tap the Menu button in the upper left corner. …
  2. In the sidebar list, near the bottom, tap the Settings button. …
  3. Under “General,” tap “Clear local search history.” There is no confirmation screen; when you tap this, your search history will be cleared.

How do I get rid of the weather and time on my home screen?

Re: How to remove date and weather from home screen

Should you disable the “Time and Weather” in the apps settings menu (Show system option must be toggled), the temperature data will disappear from the right side of the widget (also with the default battery showing clock if you have added that).

How do I put the weather app on my lock screen?


  1. From the home screen, tap on Apps as shown below :
  2. Tap on Settings and then tap on Lock screen as shown below : ENABLING SOS MESSAGES.
  3. Now tap on Additional information as shown below :
  4. Drag the slider to enable Additional information and then tap on Weather as shown below :

Can I put the weather on my iPhone lock screen?

The iPhone does not show anything else on the lock screen. The only exception is the widgets that you can add to the Today screen you can access from the lock screen. That can provide you with Weather, as one of the choices.

How do I uninstall an app in Windows 10?

  1. In the search box on the taskbar, type Control Panel and select it from the results.
  2. Select Programs > Programs and Features.
  3. Press and hold (or right-click) on the program you want to remove and select Uninstall or Uninstall/Change. Then follow the directions on the screen.

How do I uninstall a corrupted program?

So how to force uninstall a program that won’t uninstall?

  1. Open the Start Menu.
  2. Search for “add or remove programs”
  3. Click on the search results titled Add or remove programs.
  4. Find the specific software that you want to uninstall and select it.
  5. Click the Uninstall button.
  6. After that just follow the onscreen instructions.

How do I force delete a folder?

You can try to use CMD (Command Prompt) to force delete a file or folder from Windows 10 computer, SD card, USB flash drive, external hard drive, etc.

Force Delete a File or Folder in Windows 10 with CMD

  1. Use “DEL” command to force delete a file in CMD: …
  2. Press Shift + Delete to force delete a file or folder.

How do I get rid of daily weather at home?

If you tap the setting there, you get a page where you can stop it. Scroll down till you find (there may be more than one) tap on it (or them one at a time) then tap the trash and “Clear All” to get it off your list.

How do I delete a weather location?

To delete a Weather Location within the Android apps:

Tap the Favorites List icon in the bottom right of the Weather screen. Locate the Weather Location you wish to delete. Swipe the row containing the location you wish to delete to the left. Tap the Delete button.

How do I remove AccuWeather from my phone?

Delete AccuWeather from Android phone. Go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications. Find the weather app and tap Uninstall.

How do I put the weather widget on my iPhone home screen?

How to Add Weather Widget on iPhone Home Screen

  1. Touch and hold the empty space or an app icon to activate jiggle mode on the iPhone.
  2. Look for the Plus (+) button on the upper-left corner.
  3. Search Weather option or swipe down the list and tap Weather.
  4. Choose among the different Weather Widget cards.
  5. Tap Add Widget.

How do I change the weather app on my iPhone?

If you want to change this setting, so the weather app updates no matter where you are, it is very easy. Just open the iPhone’s Settings app and tap “Cellular”. Scroll down to “Weather” and flip the switch to “On”. You may also want to enable this for any other apps you want to use with cellular data.

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