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What’s it like to live in Braintree?

  1. Offering everything from designer shopping through to steam railways and medieval barns, Braintree is a highly desirable, bustling market town that offers the perfect balance between rolling countryside and busy city life
  2. And, if you’re thinking about relocating to the area, you’ve certainly landed in the right place

Next, Is Braintree an affluent area? 29 Braintree District is generally affluent and deprivation levels are around the average for Essex as a whole However there are quite large inequalities between different areas of the District

Is it safe to live in Braintree? Braintree is the second most dangerous medium-sized town in Essex, and is the 33rd most dangerous overall out of Essex’s 315 towns, villages, and cities The overall crime rate in Braintree in 2021 was 101 crimes per 1,000 people

Subsequently, Where should I not live in Chelmsford? We have has tallied up the number of crimes that have been reported to reveal Chelmsford’s most dangerous area:

  • 1) MOULSHAM – 2936
  • 2) MARCONI – 2057
  • 3) SPRINGFIELD – 1487
  • 5) BADDOW & GALLEYWOOD – 1127
  • 6) BROOMFIELD – 568
  • 7) CHELMSFORD TOWN – 469

What does the name Braintree mean? One theory is that Braintree was originally Branoc’s tree, Branoc apparently being an ancient name Another theory is that the name is derived from that of Rayne, which was actually the more important settlement in Norman times A third theory is that the name means “settlement by the river Bran or Braint”

What does Braintree mean?

Braintree is a full-stack payments platform that makes it easy to accept payments in your app or website Our service replaces the traditional model of sourcing a payment gateway and merchant account from different providers

What shops are at Braintree retail park?

  • Adidas Open until 6pm today
  • Armani Open until 6pm today
  • Barbour Open until 6pm today
  • Beauty Outlet Open until 6pm today
  • Bedeck Open until 6pm today
  • Bill’s Open until 8pm today
  • BOSS Open until 6pm today
  • Cadbury Open until 6pm today

Is Braintree a tree? It is sometimes called the “Majestic” Oak Tree The Tree holds a claim to witnessing the entire history of Braintree, making it at least 375 years old, although it is likely older than that The Tree stands as a town landmark in the center of Gilbert L Bean Circle

When did Braintree became a city?

It was settled in 1634 as Monoticut (an Algonquian word meaning “abundance”) and was part of Boston until it was separately incorporated in 1640 and named for Braintree in Essex, England At that time, the town included the areas of present-day Randolph, Holbrook, Quincy, and parts of Milton

Is Braintree free? Braintree pricing Braintree’s pricing is incredibly simple: It charges a flat-rate fee of 29% + $030 per transaction The exceptions are ACH deposits, which cost 075% per transaction, and PayPal and PayPal Credit payments, which incur no fee at all

What is the population of Braintree Essex 2020?

District population In mid 2020, the Office for National Statistics estimated the population of our district was 153,091

Is there a train station at Freeport Braintree? Braintree Freeport railway station is on the Braintree Branch Line in the East of England, serving the Braintree Village shopping centre (formerly known as Braintree Freeport)

What time does Braintree open?

Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm, Saturday to Sunday centre hours Open 12pm to 9pm Due to Sunday trading regulations, larger stores open 11am to 5pm

Is Freeport the same as Braintree Village?

In May 2017, Landsec became the leading owner-manager of outlet centres in the UK when it acquired Braintree Village (formerly known as Freeport, Braintree), Clarks Village in Somerset and Junction 32 in West Yorkshire

How old is Braintree High School? The old site of Braintree High School, located at the intersection of West Street and Washington Street, opened in 1927 The current site of Braintree High School, located adjacent to Sunset Lake, opened in 1972 As of the 2019–20 school year, the Headmaster of BHS is Christopher Scully

Are Braintree schools good? Braintree High School is ranked #2,531 in the National Rankings Schools are ranked on their performance on state-required tests, graduation and how well they prepare students for college Read more about how we rank the Best High Schools

How many students are in Braintree Public Schools?

The Braintree Public School (BPS) system services over 5,800 students

How big is Braintree High? Enrollment Data

Enrollment by Grade (2021-22)
PK Total
District 94 5,369
Braintree High 94 1,729

Is Quincy Mass nice?

Quincy is a suburb of Boston with a population of 94,389 Quincy is in Norfolk County and is one of the best places to live in Massachusetts Living in Quincy offers residents an urban suburban mix feel and most residents rent their homes In Quincy there are a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks

What is Quincy Mass famous for? Known as the “City of Presidents”, Quincy is the birthplace of two US presidents—John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams—as well as John Hancock, a President of the Continental Congress and the first signer of the Declaration of Independence, as well as being the first and third Governor of Massachusetts

Is Quincy MA expensive?

Quincy, Massachusetts’s cost of living is 45% higher than the national average The cost of living in any area can vary based on factors such as your career, its average salary and the real estate market of that area

What is the cost of living in Quincy Massachusetts? Quincy cost of living is 1439

COST OF LIVING Quincy Massachusetts
Overall 1439 1272
Grocery 1094 1089
Health 839 837
Housing 2097 1764

Whats it like to live in Quincy?

Quincy is a very well-educated city; almost 90% of Quincy’s residents have attained a high school degree, and 43% have gone on to receive a Bachelor’s Degree or higher About 65% of the people living in Quincy are religious, and most of those folks identify as Catholic

What presidents are from Quincy MA? John Adams (1797-1801) and John Quincy Adams (1825-29) John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams were born in Quincy, and served as the second and sixth presidents

How do you pronounce Quincy MA?

Quincy, Massachusetts – Quincy ( koo-WIN-zee) is a US city in Norfolk County, Massachusetts

Is Quincy MA considered South Shore? The South Shore is an affluent area The median income of the region as of 2020 is $104,691 The median home value of the region as of 2020 is $574,831

South Shore (Massachusetts)

South Shore Irish Riviera
• Density 860/sq mi (330/km 2 )
Largest city (population) Quincy (92,271)
Largest city (land) Plymouth (134 square miles)

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