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11 air conditioners, to fight the heat wave, that you can have very fast with Amazon Prime

If you have been caught in a heat wave at home without proper air conditioning, you can take advantage of offers from Amazon for Prime users to have one in your house in record time. These are some of the best options:

Clatronic CL


This air conditioning Clatronic CL has a power of 9000 BTU and stands out for being able to be controlled by means of a Wifi app, so from any place, even from work, we can turn it off or on as well as change the mode or vary the power. It has three functions (cooling, dehumidification, ventilation) and its price is 352.52 euros.

Ozeans OT-AC-7000


With 7000 BTU’s, this Ozeanos OT-AC-7000 air conditioner offers fast and efficient cooling for spaces up to 75m³ (30㎡). while simultaneously performing fan and dehumidification functions. It has an easy-to-read LED display and includes a compact remote control for easy time, temperature and mode setting, with an adjustable 24-hour timer. It costs 289.98 euros.

Rowenta AU4010


This Rowenta AU4010 air conditioner has three modes of operation to cool rooms, ventilate them and dehumidify them. Its cooling capacity is 7000 BTU, with an airflow of up to 270 m3/h and a dehumidification capacity of up to 46 litres. Its price is 409 euros (previously 431 euros).

Emerio PAC-122838


This Emerio air conditioner PAC-122838 is a 3 in 1 unit that offers cooling (2, 05 kW), dehumidification (0, 8 l/h) and ventilation (320 m3/h). Due to its power, it is ideal for rooms of up to 60 m3 (approx. 22 m2), as its cooling capacity is 7,000 BTU/h. It offers us control by means of LED display or remote control. Its price is 300.91 euros.

Argo Slimmy


For 419.05 euros we have this Argo Slimmy air conditioner. It has a power of 2350W and has a standard type filter. The gas used is R410A type and dehumidifies rooms at 1l/h. The sound level of the device does not exceed 51dB and includes the connection cable needed for its use.

Taurus AC 3100 KT


For 505.90 euros we have this Taurus AC 3100 KT air conditioner with 3 different operating modes: cooling, dehumidification and ventilation. Its power of 1100 w makes it ideal for rooms of up to 30 m2. It comes with remote control and touch panel.

Mc Haus ARTIC-16


The Mc Haus ARTIC-16 is the big bargain on the list, as it is discounted by an Amazon Day offer to 191.95 euros. Ideal for bedrooms, it has a built-in “night mode” system. Its capacity of 1765 frigories (7000 BTU) is indicated for rooms up to 20m2. This device allows us to regulate the speed of the fan in two practical levels.

De’Longhi Penguin PAC N77ECO


This De’Longhi PAC N77ECO portable air conditioner has a cooling capacity of 8200 btu/h, which is suitable for a room of up to 70 m3. It incorporates an LED panel that allows you to manage all functions including temperature, fan, timer and cooling function. It can be used both as a fan and a dehumidifier. Its price is 443.95 euros.

De’Longhi Pac N90 Eco Silent


Priced a little higher than most of the air conditioners on the list (?511.90), this De’Longhi Pac N90 Eco Silent offers a cooling capacity of 9,800 btu/h, suitable for a room of up to 60 m3. It offers us a double function of fan and dehumidifier. It incorporates an LED panel, which allows us to manage all functions including temperature, fan, timer (up to 12 hours) and cooling function.

Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact


This portable air conditioner is available in several powers, the 10,000 BTU/h being the one with the highest cooling capacity (2,500 frigories). It comes quite complete, with multi-function remote control and touch control panel that allows us a programmable on/off with integrated timer. It has several operation modes: cooling, fan, dehumidifier, night, automatic and turbo. Its price is 329 euros.

They don’t come with Amazon Prime, but they’re coming in less than a week:

Portable Air Conditioning Trotec PAC 2010 SH


The Trotec PAC 2010 SH portable air conditioner is one of the most versatile devices: it has no less than four connections, as in addition to cooling, it offers heating, ventilation and dehumidification. Its cooling capacity is 2 kW with 7,000 Btu/h, while the heating capacity is 1.8 kW. It goes from 329.95 euros to 309.95 euros.

Adler AD7309


This Adler AD7309 air conditioner has a remarkable cooling capacity, thanks to its 1800 frigories, so it is recommended for air conditioning rooms up to 20 m² (7000 btu). Its large air flow, up to 300 m³/h, allows rooms to be cooled quickly and evenly. It has two operating speeds to adapt the intensity to our needs. It is programmable up to 24 hours. It costs 259.35 euros (previously 289.90 euros).

Olimpia Splendid 01913


The Olimpia Splendid 01913 is a complete portable air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 8,000 btu/h. It incorporates a multi-function remote control and a touch-screen control panel. It allows for programmable on/off switching thanks to its integrated timer. It includes several operation modes: cooling, fan, dehumidifier, night, automatic and turbo. Its price is 249 euros.


Shipping is free on orders over 29 euros. In addition, Amazon Prime customers receive their purchases the next day. If you are not yet, you can try it free for one month. Of course, there is no commitment to stay and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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