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Home » 18 smartwatches and sports bracelets that you can find with up to 40% discount on the El Corte Inglés Sales

18 smartwatches and sports bracelets that you can find with up to 40% discount on the El Corte Inglés Sales

Thinking of buying a sports watch? If so, you still have time to take advantage of El Corte Inglés sales. If you choose one of this selection you can save up to 40%. Do not leave it, these offers end on the 20th.

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple watch

Of the new watch Manzana there are several options that we have discounted. He Series 6, which has a blood oxygen measurement, has a discount of about 30 euros in any case:

  • If we choose the smallest model, the 40mm and GPS only, we have a price of 399 euros instead of the 429 official and usual. Get a 7% discount.

  • If we prefer the model of 44mm as well GPS only, we have the same 30 euros discount, (6% in this case), going from 459 officers to cost us 429 euros.

  • For those who prefer to get an Apple Watch with LTE, the kind of 40mm It takes the discount of 30 euros (5%), which means paying 499 euros instead of 529.

  • And if we look for the largest model, with 44mm and GPS + LTE, it comes out for 529 euros, with the same 5% and 30 euros discount, over the previous 559 in this case.

Amazfit GTR

Amazfit Gtr 2
  • He Amazfit GTR It is an excellent option, more at this price of 89.90 euros. With a design inspired by classic sports chronographs, it has a 47mm steel case, with a 1.39-inch AMOLED-type screen. It has GPS + GLONASS, measurement of physical performance, with modes for 12 different sports and a heart sensor included. It offers sleep measurement, notifications from the smartphone, and is waterproof, up to 5 atm of pressure or 50 meters deep, but if this Amazfit stands out for something, it is undoubtedly for its autonomy, with up to 24 days depending on the use that it demos. Now we have it with a brown leather strap for 40% less, down 60 euros from the usual 149.90.

Amazfit GTR 2

Amazfit Gtr 2

We also have reduced the Amazfit GTR 2, which has a more classic and elegant look while being less sporty. This model maintains the autonomy of 14 days and has a 1.81-inch screen, while it is submersible up to 50 meters deep. It has a discount of 8%, and it comes out for 154.90 euros, with a reduction of about 14 euros.

Amazfit Gtr
  • And if we prefer it something smaller and in black, we have it in 42mm for 84.90 euros, with a 39% discount; 55 euros less than the usual 139.90.

Amazfit GTS

Amazfit Gts

A basic smartwatch like the Amazfit GTS It is a complete option that stands out for its autonomy, which can reach up to 12 days without going through the charging cable, it offers us a square design, very much in the style of the Apple watch, with many similar functions, monitoring of physical activity with heart sensor included, but with a much lower price than, in addition, El Corte Inglés now leaves us for 30% less, about 40 euros less, going from 129.90 to 89.90 euros and several color options to choose from: pink, gold or lava gray.

Amazfit Bip U

Amazfit Bip U

Few models cheaper than the Amazfit Bip U we can find. This basic model, to be used as a physical activity monitor, which includes a heart rate monitor, is submersible, withstanding up to 5 atmospheres of pressure, and has an autonomy of up to 12 days, as it lacks GPS and a screen that consumes too much , 1.43-inch is LCD). Now it comes out for us for 49.90 euros, with the saving being 10 euros when going down from the usual 59.90. It has a discount of 16%.

Huawei Watch GT2 Sport

Huawei Watch Gt2 Sport

If we prefer a very complete sports watch at a very competitive price, we can get the sportiest version of the Huawei Watch GT2, the model Sport, which offers a 1.39-inch AMOLED screen with a 46mm case, has a GPS and heart rate sensor, offers up to 15 sports modes, and sports a sporty look, both on the case and on the strap, with the latter in black silicone. We also have it at the same price, for 149 euros, 70 less than the 219 it cost before, once a 32% discount has been applied.

Huawei Watch GT2 Classic

Huawei Watch Gt2 Classic

For those looking for a more classic look, we also have reduced the Huawei Watch GT2 Classic. This watch stands out above all for its battery, with up to 2 weeks according to the manufacturer. Its screen is a 1.39-inch AMOLED, has a heart rate sensor and GPS, offers up to 15 sports modes and has brown leather straps with a silver case, now leaving us for 159 euros, with a discount of about 80 euros from the 239 above, equivalent to a 33% discount.

Huawei Watch GT Fashion

Huawei Watch Gt Fashion

For only 89 euros and with a discount of 60 euros from the usual 149, (40% less) we have reduced the Huawei Watch GT Fashion, a watch with a more classic look, thanks mainly to its brown leather strap. It also has a GPS and a heart rate sensor, or the TruSleep system to track sleep with detection of problems in it, also offering autonomy according to the manufacturer of two weeks.

Samsung Galaxy Watch S4

Galaxy Watch S4

He Galaxy Watch S4 It is a sports smartwatch of Samsung which offers us a 46mm case with silver finishes and a 1.3-inch AMOLED screen, with rubber straps, with an autonomy according to the Korean manufacturer of 77 hours of normal use and 23 with the GPS in operation, and a control improved bezel, all under the brand’s Tizen operating system and with built-in GPS and heart rate sensor. Now it comes out for 199 euros with a 70 discount equivalent to 26% applied to the usual 269.90.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2
  • A beauty like the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, which has a minimalist and colorful look, costs us 199.90 euros, saving us 60 compared to the usual 259.90 thanks to the 23% discount applied. With it we will get a device with a 44mm diameter circular screen, Bluetooth connectivity and communication with your smartphone, resistance to dust and water, and, of course, monitoring of physical activity, with a heart rate sensor included.

  • And if we prefer the model in black and with 44mm, we can buy it with a 21% discount, at 219.90 euros instead of 279.90 euros. We will be saving 60 euros as well.

Huawei Band 4 Pro

Huawei Band 4 Pro

For those who prefer a sports bracelet, we have, in black, pink and red, and reduced by 20 euros, (25%), from 79 to 59 euros, the Huawei Band 4 Pro. This model has a heart rate sensor and GPS and offers a 0.95-inch AMOLED screen, sleep monitoring and physical activity tracking 24 hours a day or the possibility of submerging it up to 5 atm.

Huawei Band 4

Huawei Band 4

And if we prefer to have an even more basic sports bracelet, we can do it for just 29 euros with the Huawei Band 4, which has a 0.96-inch screen, with continuous activity monitoring although without GPS, or autonomy for about 6 days. It has a discount of about 10 euros, equivalent to 25%, since, normally, it has a price of 39 and we can choose it in black, orange or pink.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2
  • For those who prefer a sports bracelet made of Samsung, the Galaxy Fit 2 it is also on sale. This model has a 30% discount and we get 15 euros less, going from 49 to 34 euros in these sales.

Prices and availability may vary after publication

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