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Amazon gives you the Sony headset WH-H900N for only 148.60 euros

If you like the color green and are looking for a noise-canceling wireless headset at the best price, don’t hesitate and go for the Sony WH-H900NA mid-range model in this colour, which Amazon currently has at its lowest price to date, for only 148,60 euro.

We’re talking about a headset wireless online Bluetooth with NFC for quick and easy connection, circumaural, completely enveloping the ear, with its strong sound, in powerful bass thanks to the Sony XtraBass system.

And not only that, because we also have noise cancellation with a new Noise Cancelling H.ear On 21 processor dedicated to this task and a Sense Engine system that adapts the sound to each situation.

They also have the Headphones Connect app, available on both Android and iOS, to best equalize them for each type of music.

Sony Wh H900n 2

They also have plenty of autonomy, offering us up to 38 hours of sound (depending on the manufacturer), with a single charge, which is done via USB, in about 3 hours and with the cable supplied with them. And, although they are wireless, we can also use them connected by means of the cable with jack connector that comes with them.

This model has an official price of 300 euros, although Amazon had them before this offer for 213.25 euros, which will save us 64.65 euros and shipping costs, and you can receive them within one working day if you are Prime or if you take advantage of the free trial of the service for one month.

You’ll find extensive testing and all the information you need about these headphones on the Sony website.

Sony Wh H900n 2

Official price: 300

Price in other stores:

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